Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Adam Levine Ruins "The Voice" (for me)

I have to admit something kind of sad. I have been watching "The Voice" religiously for the last two seasons. I love the blind auditions where the judges have their backs turned as the singers perform. If the judges like what they hear (also impacted by audience enjoyment), they turn their chairs indicating that they'd like to have the performer on their team.

It's a cool concept: judging someone almost purely on their vocals rather than their looks or stage presence.

Once each judge has their team picked, they go into the "Battle Rounds". The goal of the game (show) is for the judge (now evolved into a coach) to coach one member of their team to become "The Voice" as voted on by the viewing public. So coaches pick their battles pitting two singers from their own team against each other to sing a duet. The coach then picks the singer he thinks did the best job.

Unfortunately, during the battle rounds, there is a little more appearance involved, but, ultimately, the coach is supposed to pick the person who performed better on stage with the cameras rolling. If they don't then why even televise it? Normally, they are awesome and you have a hard time figuring out which one is best. Sometimes the singer the coach names as the victor is a surprise, but the explanation makes sense. Other times it's obvious as one of the contestants was out of tune or just couldn't keep up. It's usually during the battle rounds that anyone over the age of 30 is unfortunately kicked out.

Once the battle rounds are over they go to the "Knockout Rounds". They are the same as the battle rounds except the singers sing solo, but still compete against another singer from their team. The coaches still setup the pairings. Once they are done singing their songs, the coach determines which one is knocked out based on their performance. Once again, if it's not based on their performance, then why televise it? It's a waste of time if the coach is just going to pick someone based on who the networks tell him to pick or if the coach was given a kickback leading up to the performance. A lot of times it's impossible to tell which one the coach is going to pick. There are some really good singers! Other times, it's obvious.

Last night may have been my last night of watching "The Voice". I don't know if James was giving Adam "reach-arounds" during rehearsal or what, but based on his performance last night he should have been knocked out no questions asked. He sang a difficult song and he strained and he missed notes. He was so out of pitch I couldn't listen to half of it because it made my ears hurt. He sang "More Than a Feeling" by Boston as if he were an out of tune whining Steve Perry. It sucked. It was in the top 5 of worst performances I've ever heard on The Voice.

For some reason, Adam picked him and knocked out the girl (Juhi). I was flabbergasted. Therefore, I've decided the whole program is rigged and it's lost all attraction to me as a viable show. It would be kind of like if you found out the Superbowl was rigged and the winner was actually picked by an NFL executive the week before. It would be no fun watching it.

I found a video. You may or may not agree. But, it doesn't matter because this is "Gar's World".

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weeks With No Word

As you can see, I've updated my blog layout. I think it brings out the blue in my eyes.

It's been a while since I've written anything on this here medium, but I figured now is that time since I'll be traveling to London next week.

I have a reason for my silence. It's kind of along the same lines as the last election. The amount of stupidity and hatred in America is alarming. I think if I cancelled my Facebook account, I might write more. As that would make me mostly ignorant of the rampant stupidity.

People putting links to bogus websites talking about our president being this religion or that religion and how he's a dictator and needs to be impeached and on and on and on. It's alarming. I'm no Obama fan, but then again, I don't know the guy. Until you've walked a mile in their shoes or shared a pint of ale with them... And even if he is Muslim, who gives a flying sh*t? Really.

There are a plethora of websites whose sole intent is to provoke stupid ignorant people into posting stupid ignorant things and apparently they have quite the following. I thought, briefly, about pointing out all of these websites, but then when you start looking at the names of the websites and do a bit or research, it's just intuitively obvious and not worth my time and energy.

Huffington Post did an interesting piece on Western Journalism. If you're going to research important things like US Government on the Internet, at least pick halfway decent websites or use a wide smattering of websites and do some cross checking. Really. If you're just going to rely on one website for all of your cantankerous sharing on Facebook, share something helpful like the health risks of thong underwear.

Anyway, the government shutdown and all the finger pointing that went with it made me so irritated that I couldn't blog because that's all I could think to blog about. It's sad. I did write my representative a letter. It didn't help.

I told him to quit acting like a 5 year old who doesn't get his way at the playground. "Yeah, I know most of you voted to play football, but I want to play soccer and since I own the sporting equipment, I'm just taking my stuff and going home!" Senator Cruz's Childish Motards. I think they're going to start a band or something.