Thursday, January 7, 2010

Political Movie Reviews of Avatar

Of the blogs that I frequent, there is one that is always pointing me towards entertaining reading material. I wish I had more time to read these blogs. If I had more time to read bloggings by others then perhaps more people would appreciate my meandering works of fiction.

Kudos to The Whited Sepuchre for always trying to enlighten me with other points of view.

This particular post made me think about rescheduling my day to give me more time to follow this Englishman's posts. I'll have to think on it.

Here is a link to an Avatar Review (if one can really call it a review). I've never seen the movie, but apparently it brainwashes the masses about the evils of global warming in spectacular digital 3d.

But go read it directly at the Counting Cats in Zanzibar to get the full, energetic, unrated review in person. I'll wet your whistle (edited for my G rated blog):

"...I mean how the bastarding f*ckulence can that c*nt Cameron spend the best part of a quarter of a billion making a movie to lecture us on over-using resources. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity might have demonstrated that spacetime is curved but it took this utterly profound collection of epic wank-shafts of Hollywood to prove everything else is just bent."


  1. Actually I had read a couple of reviews like that and I don’t quite get it. Avatar wasn’t a overtly political film, even remotely, but somehow bloggers are putting James Cameron up as some sort of activist

  2. Yeah, I haven't seen it yet. This particular guy was (I think) trying to belittle a review in The Times.

  3. I was destroying a review in the once great (truly) liberal paper called The Times.

    I was reviewing a review. I am 36 years old and have no desire to sit through a three-hour kiddie-flick.

    Certainly not one about AGW when I would need a brigade of Royal Engineers to get the car out of the drive.

  4. I've heard AWESOME things about the movie, nerds of course, who say that it's Fern Gully meets Halo. If you understand what that means, and uh...I do. I'm looking forward to taking the kids on Sunday to see it.

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