Monday, January 4, 2010

USA Voters Resolution

Okay, this is my last new years recommended resolution and then I'm done.

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

How many years has the US Congress and Senate been made up of Republicans and Democrats. Every two years we decide we don't like the government and we switch our votes. After two years of dealing with Democrats and their flagrant big government money spending attitude we say, "I'm not voting Democrat this time, look where it's got us". So we side with the Republicans. After two years of dealing with Republicans and their flagrant big government money spending attitude we say, "I'm not voting Republican this time, look where it got us". So we side with the Democrats.

My recommended resolution for US Voters this year is to not vote Democrat and not vote Republican. I don't care who you vote for, but do something different. Quit being insane.

I personally have voted Libertarian for the last 10 years. Here is a good list of politcal parties in the USA. Go do some research and pick out your favorite. The Monster Raving Looney Party sounds interesting. I may have to go check them out.


  1. First off there has never been a pattern where the power shifts back and forth every two years, so once again you are dancing on the thin ice of erroneous assumptions.

    Every 2 years members of the House of Representatives face an election. Every 2 years a third of the Senate faces an election. Every 4 years the executive branch faces an election.

    There have been periods, such as when FDR was president, where one party is in the majority in all branches of government for a long long long time. That party in power saw us through the Great Depression and WWII.

    The two party system isn't the problem. It's the dumb bells who get elected and the dumb bells who elect them who are the problem.

    Then you have the extreme dumb bells who throw away their vote by voting for someone who does not have an iceberg's chance in hell of winning, like the Libertarian candidate. Well, maybe one or two of them have won something, sometime, somewhere.

    Now, you go make yourself a new resolution to do some studying on American history before you suggest any more USA Voters Resolutions. Or I'm gonna shove you down the first flight of stairs I see you standing on.

  2. You need to open your mind and take reading comprehension classes and get off my ass. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. Just in case some people come along and read this and think Durango is a genius that knows all. Let me point out some flaws...

    "Never been a pattern" is a bold statement. And false.

    2nd paragraph is just trying to get into the details which I glazed over because it wasn't important. We still can elect new people every 2 years.

    "That party in power saw us through the Great Depression and WWII" is simply wording a statement in a positive light. You could argue that the German Nazi party saw us through the Great Depression because they started WWII and nothing helps a country's GDP like the fear of global conflict.

    Calling people extreme dumb bells for throwing away votes is simply stupid. With that argument in hand, voters in Texas don't even have to bother voting for the President. Since Jimmy Carter, Texas has always voted Republican in a fairly significant margin and the polls always tell it way before the actual election. So, with Durango's extreme dumb bell logic I can join the ranks of all the Democrats who threw away their vote for Obama in Texas.

    So don't listen to the name calling Durango. I may not be as good at writing down my thoughts in an entertaining fashion, but I know that the only way you throw away your vote away is by sitting on your arse during the election.

    When you don't like anyone that's running and you just decide not to vote then you are throwing your vote away. It's a chance to let your voice be heard. There are more people running than the two people the TV tells you about.

  4. Geez, Garbo, when did you turn into such an obfuscating, petty little man, so unaware of the train wreck of his illogic?

    It both perplexes and saddens me.

    If you want to win friends and influence people it would behoove you to master the art of admitting when you are wrong and doing so in a self-deprecating, self-aware manner.

    Your current course only makes you appear more silly due to you compounding your initial silliness with more silliness.

    In other words, you might want to work on being less silly.

  5. The folks in Texas who voted for Obama did not throw their vote away in the same manner as someone who voted for a candidate in a party that had no chance of getting elected. The voters in Texas who voted for Obama voted for the person who won the presidency. Their guy just didn't carry Texas.

  6. Hello Pol Sci Guy. I fail to see the difference.

    I voted for Bob Barr. Durango voted for Obama. Neither candidate got any electoral votes from the state of Texas. And everyone knew going into the election that neither one would get any electoral votes from the state of Texas.

    In the final outcome Durango's vote was just as valuable as mine. Just because he voted for the winner doesn't mean he helped him.

  7. If we used the logic that because Durango voted for Obama, knowing full well that in Texas only a Republican can win, then couldn't we argue that why should the Southern states vote at all? Why together, they don't even hold enough electoral votes to outdo California and the original thirteen! By golly, we've been throwing away our vote the whole time...well, those of us stupid enough to live in Texas, that is. ;)

    I think the two of you, as in Gar the Texan and Durango, need to go on a much needed bro-date and hash this thing out.

    Durango, make sure you select an eating establishment where there are NO LCDers and Gar, please be sure to bring plenty of vapor smelling salts.

  8. Oh don't worry. LCD'ers won't bother me unless I'm forced to eat what they are eating.