Sunday, January 31, 2010

Avatar: A Review in Preview

image I think everyone and their dog has seen this movie twice.

I saw it for the first time tonight. I saw it at the IMAX theater in Colleyville at the Colleyville Cinema + Grille. The folks there were really friendly. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been to a theater where the staff seemed to give a damn. That’s my ad for the Colleyville Cinema + Grill…”they give a damn”. I should go into marketing.

I like the little floating jellyfish things the best. The fact that he swatted them like flies at first. He didn’t realize that were cute little spirits sent to color him special.

The movie was, in a nutshell, about the evil human military with only a few good nuts left against the crazy wacky indigenous blue monkeys and the insane crazy scientists out to save them. Maybe that was too many nuts in one plot.

But, instead of trying to be textbook about it, let me tell you what I really thought. The graphics were amazing from the very start. I didn’t like the military guys. I suspect that it was intended to be that way so I followed along.

Did I mention I really like the floating jellyfish spirit things?

The horses with 6 legs reminded me of something out of The Nutcracker or something. They almost seemed out of place even in the fantastical setting.

I liked that they were one with nature. I mean it was a fantasy. I’m thinking about growing a long braided pony tail to see if I can use it to commune with my sick tree out front. Really.

image I liked that they had fangs and growled. The howling I can live without. It just seemed goofy. Growling good, howling bad.

But my most favorite part of the movie? The clothes (or lack of). I’d be willing toimage try my hand at spending more time outdoors if we could all be skinny, athletic and dress like that. It would be hell on the adult entertainment industry, but I don’t think it would matter. We’d quickly forget about it (the industry that is).

I almost forgot. I promised my children that I'd tell you about the two little boys wearing the native American head dresses with the little orange feather. They each had a little orange feather. One of the little boy's feathers dropped out of his paper head wrap thing. I went down stairs and picked it up and returned it to him so he wouldn't miss it. My kids thought that was awfully nice of me. I was just trying to improve my karma.

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