Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silverlight and Netflix Taste Great Together?

mediacenter Friday night I got an update notice that Microsoft had an update for Silverlight.  I like staying current with my software so I allowed it to update.

Saturday I spent almost all day trying to get Netflix to work.

The Netflix movie streaming uses Silverlight.  I would have to say I am somewhat addicted to the Netflix streaming.  I have a computer hooked up to my big TV downstairs and I use it as my over the air tuner and as my Netflix viewer.  When stuff quits working it plays hell with my addiction.

I’ve been watching Heroes via Netflix streaming and I’m almost done with the 4th season.  I have about 3 more episodes.

After Silverlight updated on Friday, Netflix quit working.  I was getting ErrorCode 2103 in Firefox and ErrorCode 2105 in Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s Media Center.

I’m usually pretty good at tracking down information on the Internet to help solve my problems.  Apparently this was a new problem because I couldn’t find too much discussion.

Well, I’m here to tell you.  I spent all day Saturday trying different things.  I uninstalled Silverlight and then it wouldn’t re-install.  Every time I downloaded the Silverlight installation file I’d get a “file is corrupted” error.

There was some obscure reference to the corrupted file problem with the solution involving downloading more software to “clean up” the Silverlight installation.  I strive on intuition and this was not going anywhere near my intuitively obvious comfort zone.

I finally managed to get it re-installed by doing a Windows Update via Internet Explorer under the Safety toolbar menu.

I tried to watch another episode of Heroes on Firefox, but got the 2103 ErrorCode again.  I tried to watch it in Media Center and got the 2105 ErrorCode again.  I finally managed to get it to play the episode using Internet Explorer.  I prefer watching these streaming movies via Media Center because my Media Center remote allows me to control playback with my little remote control.  Using the browser, I have to sit the wireless keyboard in my lap and place the mouse somewhere handy.

Sunday morning, I decided to call Netflix.  They had a very polite message about the ErrorCode and that if things weren’t working, you can call this 1-866 number for support.  Their support people are very kind and are very good at passing the buck.  Silverlight and the Silverlight Movie Player are Microsoft products and the ErrorCode I was reporting is related to a Microsoft problem.  They forwarded me the support contact information via email.

I chose to ignore it.  This is what I did (warning warning, if you don’t like to read whiny complaints, here is the answer):

  • I uninstalled Silverlight. 
  • I went into my c:\Program Files directory and removed all directories containing Siverlight in the name
  • I ran regedit
  • I searched for Silverlight throughout the registry (F3 to Find Next)
  • Every time I saw a folder or a key with Silverlight, I deleted it (standard disclaimer about monkeying with your registry – don’t do it unless you know what you are doing)
  • I rebooted
  • I ran Media Center and went to the Netflix application and tried to watch a movie
  • It warned me I needed Silverlight and I followed the linked instructions to install it

Sunday evening I finally had time to repair my leaky toilet.  After all, we must manage our priorities.


  1. Ok I tried several things in order to get this fixed, and yea it is now working.

    This is what finally worked for me: Under Internet Options go in and delete all of the history and cookies, then go to the advance tab look under securiy click the "empty temp internet files and folders upon closing browser" save changes. This way when you load netflix the system has to look for the netflix app.

    Uninstall and reinstall- didn't work

    Took IE9 back to IE8- didn't work so I went back to IE9

    Deleted all of the silverlight n the reg. Use regedit, then delete everyfile related to silverlight, reboot system and reinstall- worked for a little while- because I forgot to delete the cookies- it probably would have worked perm if I had deleted the cookies first LOL .( you should not try this unless you truly know what you are doing).

    reset the default in the internet options- this will work but remember this is permanent and you will have to update you IE again.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. 

  2. Lifesaver!
    Glad to see this solution still works for the same exact problem with Chrome over 4 years later!
    I went through the same troubleshoot process as you did, as well as deleting browsing data and the like. In the end, it is the regedit process which did the trick. I will keeo the instructions on hand.
    Don't we love our Microsoft software issues...
    Cheers, Gar!