Friday, May 22, 2020

COVID, Politics and Me

Unlike Donald Trump, I'm not the smartest person ever.

Myers Briggs says I'm intuitive. It says I'm the most intuitive ever.

Our two party system is broken. Dangerously broken. Too many people are voting for X because they hate Y and vice versa.

It causes great amounts of dangerous conflict. People who grudgingly vote for X to defeat Y are doubly upset that X doesn't win. Instead of having someone in office they can tolerate they are stuck with someone that they hate. Then there are the people who actually love Y and are completely not empathetic (or intelligent) in their defense of Y because they love him like they do God and he's beyond reproach. He's perfect.

COVID has brought this to light in pandemic proportions. Y has completely mishandled the pandemic. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that. Unfortunately, you still have the people who blindly love Y are staunch in their defense of Y. They love Y so much they blame the previous X for today's problems (which makes no sense).

Okay, I'm going to quit using X and Y. It has run its course.

The President should be able to control the media. Sometimes with diplomacy. Sometimes with manipulations made behind closed doors. Sometimes by being a respectable human being. I firmly believe that. If you allow the media/press to get under your skin, you should not be the President.

I believe America overreacted to this pandemic. I believe we could have handled it with some guidelines and safety measures, but without the shutting down. The fact the local governments shutdown businesses over a virus is a huge overreaction. This is America. You educate, you calm, you encourage, but you don't dictate.

The leadership of our country, the President of the USA, should have seen to this. He should have put guidelines in place before it was too late. He could have calmed the masses. He should have lead by example. He should not have bickered with the press. He should have put his pride aside and focused on the bigger picture.

No one is to blame except him.

And, before the lovers get upset, Trump agrees with me. Image may contain: 1 person, text

Friday, March 6, 2020

Instead of Choosing Between Two Idiots

What if we had ten choices in the general election instead of the two idiots the party extremes placed before us?
What if we could then rank the choices from best to worst?
Based on a point system the best candidate would then get elected!
And, we could do away with the Democrat and Republican primaries which are a complete waste of time and resources!

I'm going to do an example. Please bear with me. This is a Presidential example, but it would work for everything.

In this election cycle there were only 3 Republicans running, but you probably didn't know that.
So, in the interest of fairness and to make my example less complicated, I'm going to go with 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

They shall be the Republicans: Tiny Hands Trump, Wild Bill Weld, and Mean Joe Walsh.
The Democrats: Crazy Bernie, Sleepy Joe and Amiable Yang.

Your ballot would be electronic and let you move the names around until they were in your preferred order (top to bottom).

My ballot, for example, would look something like this:
  1. Amiable Yang
  2. Wild Bill Weld
  3. Mean Joe Walsh
  4. Tiny Hands Trump
  5. Crazy Bernie
  6. Sleepy Joe
No hating allowed.

There's only gonna be 3 people voting this election cycle, lest my example gets completely out of control.

Person 2 is going to be a staunch Trumpster Republican who has the utmost ire for his perception of socialism. His ballot might look something like:
  1. Tiny Hands Trump
  2. Wild Bill Weld
  3. Mean Joe Walsh
  4. Amiable Yang
  5. Sleepy Joe
  6. Crazy Bernie
Person 3 might be a die hard stubborn Libertarian who doesn't recognize a good thing when it hits him in the face.

  1. Wild Bill Weld
  2. Tiny Hands Trump
  3. Mean Joe Walsh
  4. Sleepy Joe
  5. Amiable Yang
  6. Crazy Bernie
I've suddenly decided to add person 4 to make my example more exciting. He's going to be a happy go lucky big government, give me free shit, pay for my college, educated hippy.
  1. Crazy Bernie
  2. Amiable Yang
  3. Sleepy Joe
  4. Mean Joe Walsh
  5. Wild Bill Weld
  6. Tiny Hands Trump
I'm playing this by ear. How does ranked voting work? Do you eliminate people after they aren't the first choice? Then go to the second choice until someone is a clear winner? Or do you hand out points based on each ranking? Top person gets the number of candidates (6 in this example)? Bottom person gets 1 point? Let's try both ways. Each round at least one person is eliminated. Either the least votes or 0 votes. There could be more than 2 get eliminated!

If we do it by elimination: Amiable Yang, Tiny Hands Trump, Crazy Bernie and Wild Bill Weld are the only ones to move on to round 2. Round 2 is going to eliminate Crazy Bernie. Round 3 would eliminate everyone else so it doesn't count. Round 4 would make it between Amiable Yang and Tiny Hands Trump. Round 5 would make Amiable Yang the President. I like the result, but I'm not fond of the process. Let's try points.

Round 1: Amiable Yang 6, Tiny Hands Trump 6, Wild Bill Weld 6, Crazy Bernie 6.

In the following rounds we add 1 less point so round 2 gets 5, round 3 gets 4, etc.

Round 2: Amiable Yang 11, Tiny Hands Trump 11, Wild Bill Weld 16.
Wild Bill in the lead!

Round 3: Sleepy Joe 4, Mean Joe Walsh 12.
Wild Bill still in the lead!

Round 4: Mean Joe Walsh 15, Sleepy Joe 7, Amiable Yang 14, Tiny Hands Trump 14
Still Wild Bill with 16 points!

Round 5: Wild Bill Weld 18, Amiable Yang 16, Sleepy Joe 9, Crazy Bernie 8
Wild Bill is looking unstoppable! Now 18 points!

Round 6: Tiny Hands Trump 15, Crazy Bernie 10, Sleepy Joe 10
This would make Wild Bill Weld the President.

It takes a a bit to wrap your head around, but I'm not upset by it. No one disliked Wild Bill (in my example). It leads to more moderation. Millions of people can go around saying, "Well, he wasn't my first choice, but he is a lot better than the alternative." It would generate a calmer, less stressed out, America.

We may have to put more weight on the first choice. Maybe use a more logarithmic scale. Give the first place points equal to double the candidates, second place equal to the number of candidates * 1.5, third place equal to the number of candidates, etc.

I don't know, but it is doable. We also need to make voting as quick and easy as ordering toilet paper from Amazon as a Prime Member!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Blogging's Politicized Demise

I was once a voracious blogger. I'm not really sure why I quit, but I did.

Today, I read an article indicating that the idea of blogging may be going the way of all good things.

It made me think about why I started doing it in the first place.

It was mainly therapeutic. It helps to write out problems and how you feel about it.

At one point, I decided I might be able to make some money via advertising. My "account" was up to about $20 when Google decided my blog did not meet their guidelines on "family" standards.

It may be that point where blogging lost its allure to me.

But enough about all that. This post is actually about politics.

I think I've blogged before that I don't like Trump. It's nothing new. I haven't liked him since the first time I saw him on television. He seemed (and still seems) like an egotistical asshole.

He's actually not doing a bad job as president. If he'd just keep his mouth shut.

Why would you ridicule a 16 year old girl? Is your ego so fragile that you have to take jabs at 16 year old's? You are the President of the USA for God's sake. If your ego needs any more stroking talk to your wife. Don't ridicule kids.

And for the love of all that's normal in the human race, quit calling people names. That is childish and not befitting adults, much less Presidents.

Be more like Andrew Yang. He seems like an intelligent man who refuses to get drawn into unnecessary drama. It would be such a welcoming change of scenery if he could win the Presidency next year. I've never wanted anyone so cool, calm and collected to be elected President. I blame you.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Rising to Your Station

I became a father when I saw 25. I'm now 50 and my eldest is 25.

Having children was an honor. I did my best to be a good father.

Part of that involved some fundamental changes in the way I lived my life.

I didn't cuss around my kids. I wasn't naive enough to think they'd never cuss, but I didn't want them learning it from their dad.

I didn't drink around my kids. I knew that alcohol relieved my social anxiety and likely made me a more approachable person, but I didn't want my children seeing me intoxicated.

I did this for 14+ years. I did this because it was the mature adult thing to do. It was natural. I don't know how anyone could do anything differently.

Before I get into politics, let me set a few things straight. I don't know any "famous" people personally. They may be completely different in person rather than how they are presented to us on the boob tube (or Facebook as the case may be).

In all my life, I've never liked Hillary Clinton and I've never liked Donald Trump. The fact that one won the presidency over the other is like a subtle nightmare come true. I'm so extremely moderate, I believe anyone not in favor of moderation and compromise should be castrated.

The biggest problem I have with Donald Trump is him making a mockery of the Presidency. It's a prestigious station and the station should be honored (much like fatherhood). His twitter account makes him sound like a defensive spoiled brat looking for confirmation on how good looking he is. It's embarrassing.

Now, I know that anti-politics-as-usual is what got him elected. But, once you are elected, you rise to your station. Save your secret inhibitions for the privacy of your boudoir.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Walk a Mile in Their Caravan(s)

I've been told people miss my blog. I suspect this is not the case. I quit blogging because of Facebook. The sheer amount of indignant, spiteful vitriol you see on Facebook is alarming. I'm not sure I want to put anything on the Internet that may be construed the wrong way (which I'm sure it will). No one seems to have a shred of empathy. More often than not, intelligence is also a rare resource. Yet, here I am.

We're a country of too many rules.

I've always been a "pick your battles" kind of person. Even with my children, I have a very limited set of rules. I've discovered if you have too many rules, they all tend to get broken. Let's limit our rules. Make the rules easier and fewer and they'll be easier to enforce and more people will follow them.

What the f*ck is the title of this blog? Why in he hell does the right hate the left and the left hate the right? It's a closed minded lack of empathy. No one bothers to look at the proclaimed "enemy" and wonder, "why do they think that way?" Have I experienced their life? Or perhaps they do mull it over and chalk it up to stupidity, hypocrisy, narcissism, socialism, or your random creative insult of the day. It gets old. It's also why I quit blogging regularly.

I'll give you my latest example. There's apparently a caravan of people from Central America heading to the USA. Several of my "friends" on Facebook have posted this meme:
Maybe they are really curious. But, here's likely the reality: The people who post stuff like this were born in the comfort of a modern hospital in the good old USA while drooling on a proverbial silver spoon stuck in their future vitriol spewing orifice of ignorance.

I've met plenty of illegal aliens in my life and never once has one "demanded charity". I've also never been born in a third world country where I had to fight to survive. You seriously think it's easier to overthrow the government than travel a few thousand miles to "The Land of Opportunity"? Are you that proud of where you were born that you have to hate everyone else who was born with less? Really?

And that's why I quit blogging.

PS: If politicians have to explain their stance using religion, I do not vote for them. Pence and Cruz both scare me.

PPS: That's also why I quit blogging.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

And Just When You Thought it was Safe to Read the Blogger

I was looking at my blog page and realized it has been two years since I last blogged.

I realized that over a month ago.

I quickly started coming up with new blogging ideas.

Should I write a political blog? Should I write a funny blog? Should I write a "final" blog? There's this interesting thing going around Facebook currently about your "ten most influential albums". Perhaps that would make a good blog?

After four weeks of contemplation, I decided to just start writing and see what happened.

I figure after 2 years of not practicing my grammar and vocabulary skills would be in very weak display.

Before I lose even the most patient readers that happen to read up to this point, I should point out that my lovely daughter has started a blog of her own. It's wonderful. Read it HERE and then check back every day! Really!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Apple Sucks More than the Sum of a Trillion Black Holes

I've been tinkering with computers since I was 11. An Apple II+ was the first computer I ever programmed on.

I don't know why Apple has decided to suck so much since then, but they have.

I am not a fan of patents. I never have been, I agree with Benjamin Franklin on the subject of patents:
In order of time, I should have mentioned before that having, in 1742, invented an open stove for the better warming of rooms, and at the same time saving fuel, as the fresh air admitted was warmed in entering, I made a present of the model to Mr. Robert Grace, one of my early friends, who, having an iron furnace, found the casting of the plates for these stoves a profitable thing, as they were growing in demand. To promote that demand, I wrote and published a pamphlet, entitled "An Account of the new-invented Pennsylvania Fireplaces; wherein their Construction and Manner of Operation is particularly explained; their Advantages above every other Method of warning Rooms demonstrated; and all Objections that have been raised against the Use of them answered and obviated,"etc. This pamphlet had a good effect. Governor Thomas was so pleased with the construction of this stove, as described in it, that he offered to give me a patent for the sole vending of them for a term of years; but I declined it from a principle which has ever weighed with me on such occasions, viz., That, as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.

An ironmonger in London, however, assuming a good deal of my pamphlet, and working it up into his own, and making some small changes in the machine, which rather hurt its operation, got a patent for it there, and made, as I was told, a little fortune by it. And this is not the only instance of patents taken out for my inventions by others, tho' not always with the same success, which I never contested, as having no desire of profiting by patents myself, and hating disputes. The use of these fireplaces in very many houses, both of this and the neighboring colonies, has been, and is, a great saving of wood to the inhabitants.
 Apple is completely opposed to this principle. And I am completely opposed to Apple. I have never sent any money their way (the above computer was lent to me). And I never intend to.

Today, I bought a used Apple Product (the money going to someone wanting to get rid of their rotten Apple for cheap). I spent an hour trying to install iTunes on my Windows computer.

It wouldn't install. It still won't install. Apple blames Windows. Because apparently, everyone and their fucking dog can write software for Windows; except Apple. Apple is incapable of writing software at all. Even the Apple OS is a hack on top of Unix (like putting a posh blonde wig on a sexy brunette).

To think I was giving Apple the benefit of a doubt. When you install iTunes on Windows 10, it first tells you that it can't do some craziness and then it starts rolling back the installation, but then it continues the install until it's done and tells you that some Apple Support program can't be found and you need to uninstall and reinstall. Which, if you are as patient and forgiving as I am; also doesn't work.