Thursday, September 10, 2009

BC is For Aquarius

In typical Aquarian fashion I am twisting things up. Sometimes, I discover an Aquarian that I left out so the whole alphabet thing is hard to maintain. I will proceed in a somewhat randomly alphabetically ordered fashion. It’ll be fun.

I looked through my C’s and there are way too many for one week’s worth of justice. They’ll continue into next week. See if you can find the Aquarius traits in these famous people. I might help.

maher I left out Bill Maher last week. His political views are similar to mine and I like his sense of humor. If you read my past postings and you read the Wikipedia article on Bill, you’ll see some striking similarities. For example: “Maher is highly critical of organized religion, which he often describes as a neurological disorder that justifies crazies and stops people from thinking logically. He was born on January 20, 1956.hill

On January 21, 1924, Benny Hill was born. His name is actually Alfred Hawthorne Hill. My dad forced me to watch the Benny Hill Show religiously when I was growing up. Funny, funny stuff. To this day every time I hear “Yakety Sax”, I think of Benny Hill and my dad. Odd…very odd.

rock Since I seem to be stuck on comedy I’ll wrap things up this week with Chris Rock. He was born on February 7, 1965. Most people I know can’t stand the guy. For some reason, I find him hilarious. I always have.

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