Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bedford Blues & BBQ

My fellow blogger Durango often blogs about the area in which he lives. He doesn’t always do it in a kind fashion or with kind words. Some have even questioned why he hangs his hat where he does.

One thing he’s always been appreciative of is the quality of the fairs and festivals in his neck of the woods.

* author's note: I've been corrected. Durango did mention it here.

I’ve never seen him mention the Bedford Blues Festival though. This is my second year to go. Even if you don’t participate in the normal festival activities (like eating fried food and drinking lots of beer), there is no way you can get better entertainment for $5.

I went Sunday night at 7:30. For my $5 I got to see Chris Duarte (an Aquarian guitar player we might come back to later this week) followed by Buddy Guy ( a living legend). Amazing, amazing show. I guarantee if more people would go and watch these two guys play for 2 and a half hours like I did, you’ll have a hard time spending more than $5 for another concert.

You’re gonna love this video. I was going to look for something with Chris and something else with Buddy, but I found them playing together in Japan. Japanese Blues might be a whole ‘nuther genre…


  1. Durango got contacted by the Bedford Blues people months ago, asking him if he'd put news of the festival's revival on his website. He did so and blogged about it. Durango was told to contact the Bedford Blues people when the festival got near and they'd send him free tickets. But Durango totally forgot about it. He's not the world's biggest music fan anyway. Durango has no idea why you would say he has had unkind words to say regarding where he hangs his hat. First off, Durango does not have a hat. There is no second off.

  2. When did the Durango start speaking in third person? Is he royalty now? This, I wasn't aware of...