Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Texas Gubernatorial Election: First and Probably Last Post

I accidentally got sucked into watching a rerun of the first GOP debate. If you are up for some punishment you can click on that link and watch it in all its glory.

First, some background: I'm not a Republican. I look at Republicans as the moral police. They like telling me what I can or can't do in the privacy of my own home. Too many religious zealots for me to put myself in their party of corruption.

I can't stand Rick Perry. His mastery of behaving like an idiot and still getting elected knows no bounds. I've sent several emails to Kay Bailey Hutchison . One of her "staff" actually called me once to defend Kay and to offer me help. When I told her what I needed help with, she said it wasn't possible. I don't like Kay's moral radar and the thought of her being governor and enforcing her brand of morals on me is causing me to lose sleep at night. Given the choice between Rick and Kay, I pick Rick.

Enter Debra Medina. I didn't know who Debra Medina was until I was forced to watch the first part of the debate last night (I really couldn't stomach it all). I think I quit watching when someone started quizzing Kay about abortion.

Debra Medina is all about Property Rights. If you are against Urban Drilling, you should probably at least look at Debra Medina. I agreed with just about everything she said. Her gun thing is kind of alarming though.

It makes her sound extremist. I can see her point if I squint real hard and tilt my head slightly to the left, but I've got bigger fish to fry. And that squinting is too much work. I really don't want anyone except criminals carrying guns into the mall. I think it minimizes the chances of Hank going ballistic when he sees his wife Sandy flirting with the 19 year old check out clerk in Spencer's Gifts.

I've been accused of "throwing my vote away" because I've voted Libertarian. I believe that the only way you "throw your vote away" is if you don't vote at all.

I hope with all my heart that Medina wins the GOP nomination. I like her stance on property rights a whole lot. I'm not holding my breath. The problem with this is that she'll never win the nomination. Only Republicans vote in those primaries and Republicans wouldn't know a good thing unless it was written down in the Book of Matthew Chapter n, Verse x.


  1. I'm sorry to have to correct you dear, but Republicans prefer the Gospel according to John. ;)

  2. I admit I've never questioned a Republican to see which Gospel they turn to for inspiration.

    Forgive me for my erroneous accusations. I hope no Republicans read this and get their little feelers in a pinch.