Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cadillac Sky

image I listen to Pandora about 4 hours per day at work.  I’m such a big fan of Pandora that I pay my yearly subscription fee.

The other day, a song came on by Cadillac Sky which was titled, “Wish I Could Say I Was Drinking”.  It made such an impression that I decided to buy the album.


Turns out they are going to be at the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth on March 3rd.  I’m thinking I’ll have to buy a ticket.  It’s not much fun to attend concerts alone, but it’s also difficult to find folks that enjoy the music as much as I do.  There is, of course, also the trip to the Flying Saucer pre-concert.  It’s conveniently located across the street from the Hall.image

So, who’s with me?


  1. Hm. I never really considered looking for a date.

    Nope, if a party of 5 would like to attend with me that would be cool as well. In fact, it could be a case of, the more the merrier.

    I've got an email.

  2. I've got an email as well...what a coincidence :)