Monday, January 18, 2010

My Quiet Weekend in One Word: Californication

image I sadly regret that I watched the entire first season of this Showtime series over the weekend.  This lead me to several interesting epiphanies (not all of which I can comfortably share).

The first one is that I get depressed on the weekends because this boy needs sunlight and he doesn’t go outside.

The second one, caused by the show, is that you need some bad times to be happy.  The old saying, “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger” (or makes it hurt when you pee), is very true.  And some of its honesty is subtle.

I need more sunlight and some more bad times so I can truly be happy.

If you haven’t watched Californication, you need to.  It’s raunchy.  You won’t be able to watch it with naive people in the room.  Or people in the room with whom watching creative, shocking, sexual humor may make the room uncomfortable.  That’s why I watched it by myself.  It’s rare that I make myself uncomfortable by proximity.

And during a couple of the episodes he’s getting paid to write a blog for an LA magazine (called Hell-A).  Until he finds out who owns the magazine.  Then, he kind of quits.

I wish I could write like these people do.  The dialog cracks me up.  I keep thinking if I practice enough I’ll get better at spewing forth verbiage in an entertaining fashion.  Then, I wake up.

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