Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silencing My Windows Home Server

My new Windows Home Server box runs all the time. I've got it plugged into a UPS and it just hums. Or, it did. Today, I silenced it.

I've been using an old HP Pavilion a820n as my Home Server. I had it sitting around. It's not the best case. I had fun trying to fit two hard drives in it. But, it's a stable machine. And, until today, it was a loud machine.

I did some web searching to try and figure out how to quiet a loud computer. Experts agree that the CPU fan is the loudest component.

Today, for the low, low price of $35 I replaced the cooling fan and heat sink on my CPU and now the case went from blow dryer loud to so quiet I can hear the hard drives tinkering.

I'm quiet (nudge nudge) proud of myself.

If your computer is so loud you can't hear yourself think, just replace the CPU fan and/or heat sink. You'll be glad you did. Don't forget to shop for the right one for your socket. Mine was a 775.

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