Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alliterator Animal Sh*t List: The Letter 'X' - take 2

Because Joely and Ed were disappointed in my attempt at lazy humor. I have acquiesced and decided to try the X's again. In searching for words that begin with X, I discovered that I am quite the xenophile.

I thought about doing this all with Ex but spelled with X so I could use words like Xcrement. But I decided I would take a brow beating for that as well.

Now that I've built up all this xcitement let's go ahead and try this:
Xylocarpous Xenopus Xenocrystic Xylan


  1. Fruit bearing frog? Okay...:) I can't even figure out the rest...I've decided I like sh*t better.

  2. C'mon Joely, you gotta give the man props for trying! I'm a little dubious of "xylan" but xenocrystic is pretty creative (odd in this context, but creative).

    I say this is the shiznit, pure & simple--kudos for the effort!

  3. My first instinct was Xat instead of Xylan. I think I over thought it.

  4. You're right Ed, I concede...A+ ;)

    (You should be very proud Gar...I don't give out many A+s!)