Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Libertarian Candidates

This just made my day so I had to share.  It's a little bit horrifying.

First, I found a list (on the Libertarian website) of the 2012 LP candidates for President.  I'm not entirely sure they should even mention all of them as candidates except, as I stated before, Libertarians believe in small government (less rules).  I know the Libertarian primaries are going to be in May of 2012.

Here's a link to the list...Libertarian Candidates.

My personal favorites were Robert Milnes and Joy Waymire.

I kid you not, you should go read through the first page at least.  I'll go ahead and give you my favorite quotes.

Robert says, "Also I need help with cats around the area. One evident large kitten has evident eye damage. I have no spare $ for veterinarian fees. Can anyone come here and take this young cat to a vet? And help me by adopting? One or two or all of them! About 7 near my shed. Another about 7 seem to come and go. "

He also says, "I'm getting numerous letters, emails and phone messages about court notices, eviction, unpaid bills, service cutoff etc. I'm way over my head. & that is making me more depressed. I need some help. Urgently.
& this is timed with getting very little campaign support & running out of time for the 2012 election opportunity. That is the 100 years ago election where Teddy Roosevelt almost fundamentally altered history had he won."

Where do these people come from?  And why do they join the Libertarian Party?

Joy says, "I’ve known since 2008 that I would be upon this path, for I serve the Lord, thy God and His People.  I have no self-desires, for my will is my Lord’s Will.  In doing so, I receive great pleasure not always of my choosing; Fulfilling me with love, joy, compassion towards all humanity."

And I was worried about the out of control religious zealots from the Republican party.  I may have no choice but to vote Democrat.  Or move to Mexico.

I'm going to keep posting this crap until someone besides Durango yells at me.  But, he claims to be my last remaining reader.  Which, may be true.


  1. Actually I think America is too focus on the 2012 Presidental Elections. It is still a year away and America has been preparing for it since last year! Your election cycle (4 years) is too short.

  2. First, formatting. I dig the black background, hate the font. If you're gonna do san-serif (I would), go with Calibri, Candara or one of the other fonts specifically designed for on-screen reading. At a minimum use Arial, Verdana or Tahoma.

    Second, your political bitching is amusing, but a bit dissociated from reality. A purely libertarian gov't would inevitably lead to oligarchic rule even more extreme than exists in the US now, with extreme concentration of wealth and power and virtually no middle class.

    I've got a reading assignment for you: find a copy of Marx's "Capital: Critique of Political Economy" (you can probably get it free online--it's in the public domain). I'm really curious what you'd think of it. It's been almost 150 years since he wrote it, but there's a reason it's so famous--he was a pretty sharp guy. You may not agree with him completely (I don't), but I'd love to hear you articulate *why*.

    Any hardcore capitalist (which I think most libertarians are) should be required to read and think about Marx. Capitalism has much to commend it, but if you can't intelligently engage with it's critique, you're just a sheep. And based on how long I've known you, I know that sheople are one thing you can't abide...

  3. Hey Ghost, I agree. The election process is total crap. I find that the more the current President sucks, the more the people focus on the next election.

    I bet there are a bunch of people that wouldn't mind someone getting a hummer in the oval office rather than raising the debt ceiling.

    Ed, I tried another font. It's listed as the "quickest to read". My reality is always dissociative. I will look for the book. I'm current ~100 pages into "Name of the Wind". It's got good political ideas.

    I've got two political/history books half read sitting under my bed. I just can't seem to finish them.

    I'm not a fan of pure capitalism. I can't say why right now. I'm feeling inspired to write another blog.

  4. Well I’m not an American so it might be different from where I’m at but I don’t think your current President is that bad. He was just unfortunate enough to inherit a big mess (2 wars, economic crisis etc) and like most politicians, he is worried about winning his next election. Considering the mess he inherited, he didn’t do too badly.