Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Politics (2.5 of n)

The above statement is 100% correct. Of course, it also implies things better left not implied. "No president can fix the economy" is a more succinct way to say it. This was a CBS News headline last weekend. It irritated me enough to blog about it, but then the blogger wasn't working for some reason so I had to wait until it wasn't important anymore.

I accidentally posted a thing on Facebook challenging people to verbalize why they like Romney without using the name Obama. I only got two answers. One was stubborn and one was, well, you know those people who only hear what they want to hear? Yeah. Either way, it was not going to be debatable and I don't argue.

It did kind of make me sad though. I think we've forgotten what it is to be American. We can vote for whoever we want to vote for! I'm voting for Gary Johnson. Yeah, he probably won't win because he's not publicized by the glorious media as a contender, but 95% of what he says I agree with. I really like him. I'll happily go into the voting booth and vote for someone who I like and who I think will make a good president. You, my friend, can go vote for the guy you think is not as bad as Obama.

I pretend to be an Astrologist at bars and sometimes on this blog. It's fun for me. But, besides that, it also forces me to watch how people interact and try to discern their personalities. I've become a professional "fly on the wall".

What I've noticed with this election is people who hate (literally hate) Obama are voting for Romney. People who love (literally love) Obama are voting for Obama. What this tells me is if Romney wins the Presidency, 50% of America will dislike the president and the other 50% will dislike the president, but not as much as they disliked the previous president.

That's no way to vote. As it stands right now, I'm firmly opposed to my Republican friends. I don't want a president of the good old USA who everyone dislikes (except for the people who only hear what they want to hear).

She literally said, "He believes the government is FOR the people not in control of the people." Yet, it doesn't take long to see that he has pledged to change the constitution to enforce who you can marry! How much more control do you need? He's opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I don't smoke it, but who cares if you do? So, let me make sure I get this straight. He believes the government should not control the people, but he will tell you what you can smoke and who you can marry? I'm tired of coming up with examples. There are more.

In summary: Vote for the person you like, not the lesser of two evils. They have a write in spot on the ballot. Whatever you do, don't vote for Romney. I like my freedom more than I do my money.

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