Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meandering Manifestations

I have a bothersome urging in the back of my subliminal conscience telling me to write a blog. I have lots of things that would take some time and probably no one would read. Instead, I've decided to make a blog of random thoughts I've been having in the last few days.

My 401k has been reduced to about 40% of what it was 2 years ago. The sad part is I was one button click away from moving my 401k out of the stock market 2 years ago. I decided I was too young to be worrying about things like that.

A friend of mine said something along the lines of Reaganomics was like Heroine and we have crashed. Now we are suffering through the withdrawals with the help of Obama Bail Outs which is like Methadone (takes away the pain, but it's not as much fun). I think I could go somewhere with that. I probably got it all wrong, but maybe he will expound on it. I might let him be a guest author if he wants to.

Another friend of mine enlightened me as to why I can't invite my wife to happy hour. That might be full on blog material as well.

Rome was a stable, wealthy, relatively peaceful empire for around 250 years. USA is not that old. We've managed to screw up our economics more than Rome did. Jerry Jones is trying to help out by kicking poor folks out of their houses to build a gladiator coliseum in Arlington.

If everyone quits paying taxes and the federal government collapses then I'll be as rich as Bill Gates (in liquid assets anyway).


  1. "Rome was a stable, wealthy, relatively peaceful empire for around 250 years. USA is not that old."

    250 years ago Rome was was just a city in Italy. Rome was an empire up til about 1600 years ago. The USA is about 250 years old.

    I'm sort of concerned. Did you write this blogging whilst in the throes of one of your vapors attacks?

  2. Maybe you read it during one of my vapor attacks.

    Historically, Octavian, who later became August Caesar, implemented ideas that lead to the power and wealth of the Roman Empire. His ideas remained in place even after his death.

    He became emperor around 44 BC and his theory of government lasted until about 280 AD. But I was conjecturing on how long Rome was stable and wealthy (so about 250 years).

    USA will be 233 in July.

  3. Actually the 280 AD date was more like 235 AD when things started going downhill.