Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm not nearly as well traveled as I'd like to be. It's possible I've toured more European cities than American cities. I loved Amsterdam, but not for the reasons most of you would think. I liked Los Angeles. I liked New York City. Seattle is probably my favorite North American city. Boulder, Colorado is a gem. I also enjoyed San Francisco. I've been to Vienna and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been to Berlin which was nice, but seemed too big. I've been to Frankfurt.

But my favorite city by a long shot is Munich. I basically lived in Munich the spring and summer of 2003. Some people say that Texas is friendly. But, in Texas, it's hard to find a place where you sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers, drinking beer, singing songs, and eating pretzels and sausage. In Munich, it's hard to find a place where you don't.

Here's a good article to read when you have time.


  1. If you like Seattle you'll also like Vancouver, Portland & San Diego. And you need to visit Vegas. And next time you're in Seattle get someone to take you over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth where you can have yourself a Munich-lite experience, complete with beer, sausage and pretzels. The singing, not so much.

    And would you please turn off that annoying word verification thing? Thank you for your kind consideration of this serious issue.

  2. I've been to Vegas. It's more of an amusement park than a city. I forgot to mention it.

    San Diego is definitely on my list. I've never been to Canada at all. Someone told me that only stupid people live there.

    I turned off the word verification. If I get too much spam I'll have to turn it back on or start filtering the comments.

    I've discovered those folks at Fidelity are quick with the spam and they'll even type in the goofy words. Write a blog and mention 401k. See how much spam you get from Fidelity.

  3. Vegas is a theme park. But there also is a city there, if you look for it.

    Thank you for turning off the word verification. I hope this does not cause a spam flood. I know you get a lot more visitors to your blog than I do to mine, so maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to cast aspersions on your use of this protective device.

    I do recollect getting a spam comment or two. That I just don't publish. But, if it were dozens upon dozens, then I might resort to that word verification protective measure method that you have now, maybe foolishly, abandoned.

    Perhaps you should quit mentioning so many spam spawning subjects and thus avoid the onslaught. I never mention anything controversial or newsworthy on my blog, and so I avoid being the target such stuff as spam.

    Next time you're in Seattle, go up to Canada. It ain't that far away. You'll be surprised. You head north from urban Seattle, leave the metro zone, enter farm country, pass a few small towns, then cross the border and are instantly back in urban sprawl that runs all the way to where the mountains run into the sea. Have a guide with you. The Canadians do not make it easy to find your way back to the border. Especially at night. I've had a few incidents.