Sunday, November 1, 2009

Milano McDonalds and Eminent Domain

I've just about wrapped up my first week in Milano. My wife celebrated Halloween without me. I've tried to get her to go with me to Halloween parties every year that we've been married, but she always, "Didn't like Halloween". I don't know why.

Anyway, I celebrated Halloween in Milano, but I didn't dress up. There were very few costumes on Halloween, but there were enough.

But that has nothing to do with McDonald's. There is a (for lack of a better description) shopping center in Milano near the Duamo. It's kind of a cross shaped shopping hall with marble looking floors and tall cathedral type ceilings. My favorite part? The center of the cross. On one corner is a Prada store. On the opposite corner is a Louis Vuitton store. Another fancey Italian store is on the other corner. And the other corner? You guessed it. McDonald's. You gotta love it.

If you looked above the shops in this monoloithic type mall, you see some small rooms. Most all of these rooms have been converted to office buildings. A lot of money is paid for the privilege of having an office in this mall or a place to sell your stuff. It's a very busy place. It seems that one old lady still owns her home above the Prada store. I can't believe that Italy doesn't have eminent domain! That must only happen in the Land of the Free where rich people like Jerry Jones bulldoze houses for Football stadiums in the great progressive thinking state of Texas (once again I am lacking my sarcasm font).
Sorry about the picture quality. My camera was giving me grief. If you look a the top row of windows, the two in the center right have curtains. That is where the lady lives that refuses to sell her house.


  1. It's eminent domain. Imminent domain is an entirely different thing.

  2. No, they aren't real.

    And thanks D. It has been repaired.