Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Milano Fashion Capital

My wife wisely, or unwisely, informed me that Milano, Italy is some kind of fashion model mecca. So, tonight (my second night here), I befriended some Italians and they took me to some "hot spots".

After I had a few glass of Italian wine...

Ooooweeeeee. They have bars that are nothing but liquor serving photography shops. It's like way crazy. I felt guilty for not enjoying it to the fullest extent allowed by law so I started asking people if they spoke English and if they'd mind taking pictures with touristy Texans. I found one Italian and then I found a group of 3 Italians and a Norwegian. Oooooweeee. Can you spot the Norwegian?

I'm hoping my wife is not currently paying attention to myblog.

For demonstrations of how I get myself into this kind of trouble, I'll also include a picture of someone pouring me a glass of mucho bueno Italian wine (that's mixing Italian and Spanish).

Another thing I discovered tonight is that Italians invented Sopapialas, but as an appetizer served with meat. Not a desert served with honey. I always thought it was an interesting Mexican invention. Do they have anything original?

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