Monday, October 19, 2009

Illegal Aliens and Their Hurt Little Feelers

image Read this today.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry -- so I blogged.

My favorite part of the above article?

Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the director of communications for CHIRLA, said he initially thought the costume was a stab at harmless satire. But when he saw the Green Card, he realized it was a swipe at illegal immigrants.

I wonder if he realizes that the “green card” makes you legal?  Repeat after me: if you have a green card, then you are legal. 

The stupidity of people continues to amaze me.

Then it makes you wonder if perhaps the makers of the costume paid someone a small fee to complain so that they could get some free advertisement.

I know I wouldn’t have ever thought of buying the costume until I heard the complaints on the radio (heck, I didn’t even know it existed!).  Now, I’m thinking of buying one for my German wife.  My kids think it’s funny that she’s an alien.

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