Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anti-Aquarians…Meet My Niece

I’ve been subtly pressured by two people to cease and desist with my weekly Aquarius posts.  One of these persons is a Leo.  The other is a Virgo.  I’m doing research now to see if there is some deep seated and unjustified animosity between these two signs and the loving Aquarius folks.  I’ll try and keep you posted without further frustration to the Leos and the Virgos.

imageMy Aquarian star this week is my niece, Emily.  For all my life, I have been the only Aquarian in my list of relatives that I keep up with.  A few years ago my older sister produced a baby Aquarian girl and she’s nice and sweet and pretty and smart just like her Aquarian uncle.


  1. Ah...hah...I see you had to pull out the big guns! Your niece, she's awfully cute, but I'm thinking she looks nothing like you.

  2. I am sure these Leos & Virgos of whom you speak are only trying to help. They probably think you are making yourself seem a bit foolish by indicating any sort of interest in astrology. They likely have a high opinion of you and think of you as having a highly evolved intelligence, and then this astrology thing goes and wreaks havoc with that opinion and causes a painful re-assessment where you end up being moved from the bright boy side of the class to the short bus rider's side.

    That's just my assessment of this serious issue. I may be wrong.

    But I do agree with CT2, that was a pretty desperate move, pulling out a niece as some sort of evidentiary item. Shameless.

  3. Ahhh. You guys are so sweet.

    Swooping in to try and mount a concerted effort to prevent any more awkward blogging.

    I feel all warm and bubbly inside.