Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finish D Aquarius D’s

I should have wrapped up the D’s last week.  There are not enough left for a memorable type post like I am accustomed to posting.

I have another colleague at work.  His name is Duane.  I’m not sure the exact date of his birth, but I know he celebrates at the end of January which makes him an Aquarius as well.  There are at least 3 software guys where I work (on a team of 14), that are Aquarius.  We are taking over!image

I must continue with my impromptu pretty Aquarius series.  I had to do some research to find her so I must admit that I didn’t know her name or that she was Aquarius before today.  But she fits the bill for a pretty Aquarius whose name starts with D.  Pretty stiff requirements.  Her name is Denise Richards and she was born on February 17, 1971.  I’ve added Starship Troopers to my Netflix Queue to show my undying adoration.


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