Thursday, April 8, 2010

Experts Exchange Blogging Fundamentals

If I don't write enough, people quit visiting.  I try to write at least once per week.  Some weeks are better than others.

I've had a lot on my mind lately and none of it is blogworthy.

But, in an unwittingly feeble effort, I have decided to piece together this work of near-nonfiction.

I joined something called, "Experts Exchange" this week.  It's a web site with an interesting spin.  You basically pay money to ask questions which are answered by "experts".  I refuse to pay for things like this so I signed up as an "expert".  This allows me to answer questions, but only allows me to see answers to questions after I have successfully answered X number of questions. 

So far my only success was in explaining to someone why it costs more to call a mobile phone in Europe than it does to call a home phone (in Europe).  I got 1800 points for that one.  It requires 10,000 points for me to be able to ask questions.  The questioner gets sole discretion as to whether someone answered their question.  I answered several questions that were apparently asked wrong.  I mean I definitively didn't answer wrong¡  That would be impossible¡

Like the one guy who asked questions about compiling stuff with Cygwin.  I explained quite well the quirkiness of using the Cygwin compiler on Win 7 and he responded back that he was running Cygwin on Linux.  I have no idea why you would want to do that.  I mistakenly assumed you would run Cygwin on Windows since Cygwin is a Unix-like shell for Windows.  Silly me.  I wasted my time on that one because of a moronic questioner.  Morons don't know a good answer if it slaps them in the face.

I have discovered that I am attracted to mysterious people.  This makes it hard to make new friends.  It also makes it hard to trust people I've met.  It's hard to trust a mystery.  Then, it occurred to me, that perhaps the reason I am drawn towards the mysterious types is because I don't trust anybody.  It's the whole chicken and the egg thing, but in reverse.


  1. Good morning~! This morning I happened to get up too early, which has given me some time to read your blog before starting the day.

    I also tend to get attracted to people that make me intrigued, who stimulate me.

    By the way I liked your expression "Morons don't know a good answer." Nice quote for the day~! :)

  2. Jen! You read my blog before you start your day? And I always thought my blog was a wonderful way to start your day. ;)

    The moron quote is probably best shared with the voices in your head. You don't want to go around telling that to your friends and neighbors. They may think you are talking about them.

    Then, depending on their moronity and/or their sense of humor, they may become angered.

    I wouldn't wish angry neighbors on anyone!

  3. Running Cygwin on Linux?

    I'm slack-jawed over that one.