Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mingo Fishtrap or Johnny A.

Ever since I saw Cadillac Sky at McDavid Studio in Fort Worth, I’ve been paying closer attention to who is playing when.  Often times, I’ve never heard of the band playing.  Cadillac Sky was lucky that their ad popped up just after I heard them on Pandora.

Today, I received my McDavid Studio Concert Line email.  I figure it’s been a couple of weeks since my last concert so I should do some research.

First on the list was Johnny A.

Unfortunately, he’s going to be there tomorrow and I have penciled in plans for tomorrow already.  But, it’s tempting.  Of course, from all the videos I watched, he just plays guitar.  He plays real good.  I mean really good.  But I don’t know that I’m in the mood for sitting and watching a guitar slinger for 2 hours.

Then, I noticed the next band (on Friday) was Mingo Fishtrap.  Interesting name.  I figured it was one of those goofy alternative bands that I can only tolerate in small doses, but I went and did my due diligence…

I watched several videos and I’m not convinced of their quality, but they look rather entertaining and I like their style of music.  Therefore I am relatively sure that early Friday evening I’ll be at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth entertaining my usual crowd of one before I shuffle on over to the studio for some funky swing.

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  1. I also liked Jonny A's Guitar playing, but if I were you, I would go to an amusement park, cause I doubt whether I will be able to be somber enough to enjoy the lingering tunes for 2 hours.. I will probably end up dozing off.. :( Sorry the musicians, but they need something more for concerts, I reckon.