Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Pair of Sites

I've never been a big fan of sushi. I don't know why. It's not that I dislike it. Every time that I've tried it, it was okay. It's just not something where I say, "Man, I'm dying for some sushi!"

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Chaucer's to have sushi so I went.

The next day I was feeling rather miserable although I don't know that it was sushi related.

My children came to see me and I was admonished by my teenage daughters when they saw my sickened state.  "Dad!" they cried, "Don't you know that raw fish has parasites?"

To which I replied, "It's a good thing there are only two of them or I'd be in the hospital."

Anyway, today I went to a Japanese restaurant and had the "special".  It came with sushi.  It's been an hour since lunch and I've decided, it's not the sushi.  It's the wasabi.  But, I love the wasabi.  I can't imagine sushi without wasabi.

I think once my digestive system gets accompanied to the site couple, I'll learn to look forward to my sushi and wasabi.


  1. Are you sure the sushi you were consuming was raw? Most isn't. I think I saw pickled ginger on your sushi plate. That's supposed to help with digestive woes. I used to have sushi all the time in Washington. I've had sushi several times in Texas, but it sort of makes me nervous, what with it being a long distance from an ocean.

  2. I am not sure it was raw.

    I seem to remember my host telling me that it was not raw. Except it also seems that they did give me something with a salmon covering that may have been slightly raw?

    I really don't remember. It was two weeks ago.

  3. I think Sushi is supposed to be raw. Ginger is really good for detoxification.

    I also love sushi but in summer and when especially it is wet or is raining you should avoid sushi. Most of all, if you don't feel comfortable with raw fish, you should avoid it. Good food for you should make you feel good when you consume it.

    I will let you know a good remedy for any food poisoning. It's "chinese plum marmalade", try it at Asian food store(if you find any Korean food store there, you can ask for "MaiShil" marmalade) and consume it in warm water like tea. Since little, I have had it when I feel not good after eating and it always work wonders. :) *bisous*