Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Google Blunder

I'm having some problems with my Google account.  Today, I almost wasn't able to get into my blog.  It seems they are starting to require a gmail account to access my Google account, but I don't have a gmail account.

I created a gmail account, but my gmail account has no affiliation with my Google account.

I figured out a way to bypass it for now, but somehow I need to figure out a way to give my blog to my gmail account.  This, then, opens up a whole slew of issues regarding adsense and various other utilities that are currently associated with my Google account which I'm going to have to quit using or somehow move to my gmail account.  I'm loving Google today¡  They have made me quite happy¡

All they have to do is allow me to associate a gmail address with my Google account and all would be right with the world.  For reasons that are only partially my fault, I can't do it.

I fear that if I don't get the situation rectified soon I will be locked out of my blog and the sadness will bring tears to millions.


  1. Google is being a bit nuts lately. I have so many issues. It's like you get stuck in some sorta Goofy Google loop. It is very annoying.

  2. It's making me crazy. They are unable to fix it. I'm having to create a whole new account and give ownership of the blog to my new account.

    Now two people own my blog which causes some display problems.

    I'm going to have to remove the previous owner and who knows what kind of chaos will ensue.