Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Lost Update

image Back in May I said I was going to watch all of Lost in one year.  Today, I finished it.

Without ruining it for anyone who hasn’t watched it… Well, maybe I’ll ruin it.

Bullet number one: they should have quit after season 5.  A nuclear explosion would have been a glorious way to end this series.  Sure, it would have left lots of questions unanswered.  It would have left a lot up to your imagination.  However, it would have been wonderful.  Wonderful I tell you.  I’d have opted with the opinion that it was all erased.  None of it ever happened.  I would have bought the series on Blu-ray.

Bullet number two: the last 20 minutes of season 6 were so incredibly stupid I was starting to be irritated with myself for watching the whole series.  The magical rancid poison for a perfectly well written science fiction program is to explain it all away with some kind of religious dogma (not to be confused with Battlestar Galactica which is built around religion – and a fine series).

If you follow the above link, you’ll notice that I said that the writers of Lost seem to be very good.  After the last 20 minutes of season 6, I have looked up the creators and will avoid, like the plague, anything else they create.  They are: J.J. Abrams (stupid ass number 1), Jeffrey Lieber (stupid ass number 2), and Damon Lendelhof (stupid ass number 3).

I wonder why Michael and his son didn’t get to go to heaven with the rest of them?  Racial tension?  And how did Claudia manage to spawn two white children?


  1. Garbo, first off, I must ask, were you imbibing in adult beverages whilst getting lost watching LOST?

    Second off, while I did not find myself as riled as you got regarding the LOST ending, I sort of agree with you.

    If I recollect correctly I sat there sorta shaking my heading and thinking WTF.

    The insipid sucky-ness of the ending was so at odds with the epic coolness of what lead to the insipid sucky-ness of the ending.

    All those mysteries. Most unanswered.

    I was so appalled I had to search for an explanation. There really were no good ones, besides the fact that that ending was written when the first season was written, to be filmed if it was cancelled, to wrap up the show. Which may have made some sense if it had ended after the first season. This explanation explains the reason for the odd collection of LOST people in the church.

    I've been down this type TV road before. Loved Twin Peaks. Was appalled at the second season. And the movie was awful.

    And who is Claudia with the two white children? Jacob and his brother? But the mother was white. Wasn't she? I have no memory of a Claudia. But then I've pretty much wiped that TV show from my memory bank due to that lame ending.

  2. Michael and his kid were in the first season. So why weren't they at the church?

    Claudia spoke some Spanish sounding dialect and was very brown with black hair and brown eyes. Both of her sons had blue eyes and Jacob was almost albino.

    Their "mother" (who was white) killed Claudia after she gave birth.

    I was not imbibing, but in hindsight...