Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jamming in Fort Worth

Tonight, I will be heading to 8.0's in Fort Worth to see Carolyn Wonderland (musician extraordinaire).

Depending on where you look it either starts at 7:00 or 8:00.  I plan to arrive in the downtown area around 6.  Might go to The Flying Saucer for dinner.  I might just have dinner at 8.0's.  They've got an interesting menu.

Best I can surmise, tickets are $5 which is almost a steal.  If you've never heard of Carolyn Wonderland (which I hadn't until last week).  Feel free to watch a video or two.

I hope to see you all there. Come support your Texas artists!


  1. I was there @8.0. I'm originally from Austin and have known about Carolyn for years, and knew the show would be excellent! I also really liked the warm-up band, The Cush. Marcia Ball is coming up next July 14 at 8.0. She's really good, but not sure I want to pay the $15 cover.

  2. The Cush were good musicians, but I'm not really fond of that type of music. It makes me tired :).

    Glad you made it out. You should have yelled at me.

    I've never seen Marcia Ball. Looks like it would be a good show. Mingo Fishtrap will be in Fort Worth this weekend. I think I might be all concerted out.

  3. Hi Gar,

    I would have tried to find you but didn't know you were there. Didn't see your post until afterward -- I found a link to your blog on Durango's blog. Not sure I would recognize you without the hat. :)

    We may fork out the bucks to go see Marcia. I've never seen her but know she is very popular in Austin. We like to sit in the back corner table by the street. Maybe we'll see you there.