Monday, June 6, 2011

Repairing American With The Internet

I've been in Canyon, TX since Saturday so I've had a grandiose helping of Fox News.  It's encouraged me to write about my most recent epiphany.

Not too long ago I wrote about how lazy people propel the human race.

I've been watching all the Republican candidates who are already lining up for President.  They all have one thing in common.  They all complain about the current President.  The odd thing is they are mostly senators and they all blame the President for our current woes.  I didn't make A's in Political Science, but isn't the President's power controlled by the House and the Senate?  Did I miss something?

Anyway, all these candidates do a lot of fiery speaking and complaining.  They sound like a Southern Baptist Preacher with a bad case of hemorrhoids.  They don't seem to offer a lot of solutions.  They're just trying to convince their voters that Obama is the devil and they are the everlasting salvation.  You don't need any proof.  Just have faith.  And I look good on TV.

The reason people like this get elected as senators, representatives, governors, and god forbid, presidents, is because people are lazy.  No one votes because it is too difficult.  It's not going to get any better because we are getting lazier.  We aren't even bothered to go to the store because we can shop online and have stuff delivered directly to our front door.

I spend an extra $2.50 "convenience fee" to register my vehicle every year because I don't want to go stand in line at the tax office.  With everything I need to do I have options.  I usually choose the easiest option.  I tell people I'm like an electron because I take the path of least resistance.  The way to solve America's current woes is to create Internet voting.  When you register to vote, you write in a username and are assigned a password.  You use the password to login to your voting account and are given all the elections that are currently up for vote.

With each ballot option, you are given multiple choice answers (area for "write ins" where required) and an "end date" or when the vote will be counted.  You can login whenever you want, as often as you want, to change your vote or check your votes (to make sure they weren't changed without your knowledge).  You'd be able to login and check your entire voting history.  You'd be able to vote for anyone, anything you wanted from the comfort of your favorite chair in front of you computer.  It'd be easy as pie.  

I'd be willing to bet that voter participation would go up exponentially and maybe, just maybe, America would finally wake up and vote for someone who may not be propped up by the media. 


  1. Did you ever take a political science class? Let along make A's in one.

    The president's power is controlled by the House and Senate, also known as Congress?????

    With Congress being one of the 3 branches of government. Three separate branches of government???? Ringing a bell yet? Checks and balances? Any ringing yet?

    You should look into suing the Wink School District.

  2. Didn't I say the same thing you did minus the verbosity?

  3. Okay, I guess I can sort of see how, in your rather obtuse way, you were saying the Senate and House can counter the president. However, you used the word "controlled." The president's power is most definitely not "controlled" by Congress. Congress can counter the president, by refusing to pass some legislation, or legislate against something the president is doing. But Congress definitely does not control the president. I hope you can see that perhaps extra verbosity is a friend of clarity. You have not actually ever taken a poli-sci class, have you? Not meaning to be rude. Just observing.

  4. I vaguely remember attending a political science class in college. I don't remember how well I did.

    I remember someone telling me if I told the professor I was from the Kermit/Wink area that I'd get an auto-C no matter how poorly I did.

    Regardless, isn't it still kind of ignorant for a congressman to blame the president for all our current woes?

    Can you name me some things that the president can do without congressional approval? Can he pass a budget? Can he declare war? I guess he can grant pardons...