Monday, December 5, 2011

Cynical News Fun

I haven't blogged in weeks and no one has complained!  I'm mortified.  I'm never going to make it to 100 by the end of the year.  My topics are becoming consistently more narrow minded and cynical.  Not a good way to end the year.

When I firsted start writing this feeble blog, I'd get bent out of shape around the "political" season which seems to be starting sooner and sooner.  It gets to the point that it's so irritating I don't even like thinking about it, much less writing about it.

In case you haven't been paying attention, I don't really care much for American politics.  It's like watching a TV evangelist pay for infomercials trying to convince you how honest he is.  There's no such thing.  It's a waste of time and money.

But, the only thing worse than a bunch of politicians blowing their horns and lying about their indiscretions is the news outlets and America's gullibility.  Admittedly, sometimes the news is true or maybe there is a hint of truth, but more often than not, it's not the whole truth and it's always spun in a way to make the most cash and/or do the most damage.

So why do we believe them all the time?  You know they make things as dramatic as humanly possible for higher ratings.  Think about it.

If I own a television network and I don't want someone to be elected into public office all I have to do is go find someone, pay them some money, and have them say something derogatory about the candidate.  It doesn't matter how stupid it is.  It doesn't matter how true it is.  Just make something up.  The more derogatory and exciting the better!  Americans trust the news and they love drama.

I'm kind of old fashioned.  I trust my instincts.  I don't believe anything the news says about Herman Cain.  I don't care much except it irks me that people believe it.  I was out at a bar and this girl was telling me that he raped four women.  Really?  Where did you hear that?  Have you met Herman Cain personally?  Why are we so quick to judge?  I'd never believe that about anyone until I was able to sit at a bar with them long enough to get them nice and inebriated.  Then, the truth would emerge.

I don't trust anything the news says about anyone.  The reason I didn't like Herman Cain was because he was too religious.  I won't vote for anyone that mentions the need for more faith, religion or God in our lives.  If you think God's going to fix our problems then I won't be voting for you.  Moron.

You are correct, I'm not voting for Newt Gingrich either.  Nobody is trying to remove "the Creator" from your life Mr. Gingrich, but we don't need the government mandating our relationship or lack of relationship with Him either.  Let them tell you who to believe in and next thing you know they'll be telling you who to marry.  'Doh!  Well, I guess we're a little late for that.


  1. I'm not an American so I may have got this wrong, but if you're not going to vote for either Obama (as you said earlier) or the GOP...who would/can you vote for?

  2. Great start of a rant, but you kinda petered out there at the end. You gotta work yourself up to a good lather and then really blow up at the end. You coulda really gone to town on Newt... I'm pretty sure that if I had a beer with him, I'd want to take a shower after talking to him to wash off the faint smell of sulfur and rosewater. He just oozes deception and self-satisfaction.

  3. Ghost, there are two major parties in the USA. The Republicans -- GOP(the religious, live by their morals nuts) and the Democrats (the we can spend your money better than you can nuts). Normally I vote for the person I dislike the least. In the last 3 election cycles I've voted Libertarian (the we don't need government nuts). Libertarian is the "largest 3rd party in the USA". They never get elected, but it's better in my eyes than voting for someone I really detest.
    Maybe they should allow me to just remove a vote from someone. That would be cool. It's all perspective.

    Ed, I get on my rants when I'm at work so I try to squeeze as much venom as I can into a 15 minute break. Occasionally, I get interrupted and it really ruins a good thing. It's hard for me to get as irritated when I'm at home.