Friday, May 25, 2012

Where Have You Been All Week?

No, I wasn't cruising. Well, not on a ship.

This has been my darling eldest child's last week of "mandatory education". I have high hopes for her "voluntary program", but it's interesting watching the kids squirt out on their own like an unsquishable jelly-like thing. Anyway, it keeps ones mind on things that aren't necessarily for the viewing public.

Her mom and I bought her a laptop for her birthday, which happens to coincide nicely with her graduation (birthday is May 26, last day of school was May 24).

I was going to get her a DSLR camera for her photography dreams. But, I've decided not to purchase one until she's enrolled at a university. Yes, I learn from the federal government. I hold back on necessary funds until my demands are met.

On Monday, I went to get my "gum surgery" to keep my teeth from falling out. Before the surgery I had to go get 3 prescriptions: a mouth wash, pain killers (with Hydrocodone) and antibiotics. The surgery was at 2:30 PM. It lasted until 3:30 PM. It was mostly uncomfortable. At about 5 PM, I popped my first pain killer. At about 6:30 PM, the "cute doctor" herself called me to ask how I was doing!

Being on pain killers, I quickly replied, "I'm fine, thanks, how are you?" It's part of my instant response training to alleviate my social awkwardness. Of course, I assume she was really calling to make sure I wasn't bleeding or any of that nasty stuff that can happen after open mouth surgery. However, the pain killers were encouraging me to think that maybe she thought I was cute!

Next morning, after the drugs had worn off, my paranoid personality disorder took over and I began to wonder if she called everyone or just the ones she messed up on.

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  1. Just the ones with an exceptional amount of blood.