Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Update (6 of n)

I really need to quit with this stupid weekly update slop. Maybe next week.

My trip to England is back on! I'm leaving tomorrow. This time they have me going more to the London area (the previous incarnation had me going to Edinburgh). I checked on tickets to any of the remaining 2012 Olympic events, but they are mostly sold out. I could get a ticket to the gold medal basketball game, but it would cost about $500. I'm not that desperate. So, I'll just buy a t-shirt and watch the games from a bar stool at an authentic English pub.

I don't have any exciting epiphany's this week. Which, is kind of sad. I went bowling yesterday and did so poorly that it depressed me and perhaps has affected my normally entertaining rants.

I'm trying to plan my next vacation. I'm thinking about spending a week in the Florida Keys to do some scuba diving and drinking and galavanting. I've heard Key West is wonderful for this kind of activity.

In case you didn't hear, the USA Women's Football team won the gold medal! They defeated Japan 2 to 1 today.

I just like saying "the women's football team". I used to live down the street from where the Dallas Diamonds played. Unfortunately, I never made it to a game. I think they are now defunct. At least their website has been suspended.

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