Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mental Age

The previous blog was supposed to be my last one of the year, but this mental age test has been invading my thoughts after it invaded my Facebook.

My wife took the test and had me take the test. She scored a 22.

Several of my friends on Facebook have taken it and I've seen scores from 22 to 43.

My youngest daughter took it and she scored a 22 (she's 16).

The test is only six questions. There are no right answers. There were several questions (like the first one) where I wanted to answer, "All of the above", but that wasn't a choice.

I diligently go through each question over and over and just pick the "best" answer even though none of them are necessarily the "right" answer.

Every time I do it, I score a 10. According to this test, I've got the mental age of a 10 year old! What the hell does that mean? My wife says I act like a 12 year old so the damn thing must be off by at least 2 years!

Click the link and hit the green "START" button:
Mental Age Test


  1. Apparently I am 37, over 3 times older than you, mentally. I am guessing I am older than you, mentally, due to things like spending time in a noisy, crowded bar, getting drunk, on the weekend, is not my idea of a fun time. Maybe when I was 21, but not now that I am 37......

  2. I'm surprised you scored as low as you did given your blatant excessive maturity.

  3. I was surprised too. I sorta expected to be 80 something.