Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Things lately irritate me so much that I can't put my thoughts into rational words. The McKinney Pool Party Debacle is one such event. I mostly blame the media.

People on both sides of the pool are holding up their race cards. On this matter, I've got one cliche to apply to all: "Have you walked a mile in their shoes?" Take race out of it. It's dislike of people for the way they were born. It happens all the time and it'll never stop; until we all have enough empathy to sympathize what other people might be going through.

Since we can't trust the media to tell us the whole truth, we have to take what's given to us. I believe people are fabricating on both sides, but I don't know the truth and I never will. When I watched the video, there were a few things that immediately caught my attention.
  1. I've always been told not to pull out my gun unless I intend to use it. In this case he used it to get two teenagers to back off so he could tackle a girl who was crying for her mom. I wasn't impressed.
  2. If I were in law enforcement (but I'm not because I'm a chicken shit), my reaction to this chaotic scene would have been to find the smallest threat wearing the tiniest bikini and sit on her (with my knees) to try and get things under control. Because that makes all the sense in the world.
  3. Two other policemen walk up and seem to try and calm this cop down. We should be saying thanks.
  4. People are mostly good. Don't let the media fool you.
  5. This cop should not be fired for pulling his gun.

I figure everyone will go off on number 5. I think he learned his lesson without killing anyone which is a miracle. We don't want to discourage good people from being policemen. This guy might have been having a very bad day (have to walk in his shoes). He was in a stressful situation and temporarily lost control. Here again, all hypothetical because I don't know him at all. He may be a complete ass. He certainly appeared that way in the video.

If he gets fired he should get fired for ignoring the athletic boys in their surf shorts who were too big, too fast, and too scary. He instead went after the little girl who may have weighed a buck ten in her little bikini. I'm sure he was scared for his life and trying to defuse a hostile polka dot.

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  1. Seeing the clip already, I think the main problem is the policeman pulling his gun. The scene may be chaotic, but he was hardly in any danger so pulling the gun seem to be an over-reaction. Even in Singapore, that would be a no-no.