Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Banning Smoking in Bars

One of the great things about America is the huge variety of stores we have to choose from. If you don't like Wal-Mart, you can go to Target. It you don't like McDonald's you can go to Wendy's*.

Today, on the radio, a gay** man was loudly proclaiming his belief that there should be a state ban on smoking because of health concerns. "The government makes sure eating establishments are clean for our health so they should also outlaw smoking for our health," he was just getting started.

"It's not fair to me," he cried, "that I have to tolerate second hand smoke when I want to go kick back a couple of drinks at my favorite bar or eat a salad at my favorite restaurant."

I suspected it was a stunt to get people angry and to get listeners to call in and voice differences of opinion. Instead, it proved to me that people are stupid. Or, at least people that listen to this radio program and call in are stupid. He might be stupid as well.

When you expect the government to start passing laws to keep people healthy then you are opening up Pandora's little box of horrors. Next thing you know there will be a two drink maximum because any more than that and you endanger yourself and others.

Perhaps next they will outlaw parking lots at bars. If you own a bar, you must eliminate your parking lot because we all know it's dangerous to drink and drive.

And while we are at it we should definitely eliminate deserts. We are all too fat anyway. We should probably do away with butter and french fries too. They are very unhealthy. Perhaps we can make fresh fruits and vegetables mandatory!

* I start out talking about choices because you can always choose to go somewhere that doesn't allow smoking. Once the government gets involved, they are very good at eliminating choices.

** I noted that he was a gay man because, in my opinion, with gay marriages being outlawed in most places, these folks should be at the front of the line as far as getting the government out of our business.

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