Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anal Fissure named Bob

Since I have decided to adopt a sense of humor in the last few days, I have opted to reminisce.

Back when the Internet was young and fertile.  Before the time of Blogs.  There were newsgroups.  There still are newsgroups although they might not be as uplifting as they were back when.

The first "funny forward" email I ever received came from a friend of mine (who I believe was in Houston at the time).  We'll call him Ed.

Ed sent me the Anal Fissure email.  I don't know the exact authoring date of the story, but it seems like I first read it 15 or so years ago (in fact most postings seems to be dated 1993).  It's still the funniest email I've ever received.  I still giggle when I think about it.

Today, there are websites dedicated to the story of Bob.  However, this is probably the best place to read it

Just to whet your whistle, it starts out with, "After lurking about in the wings the required 2 months I have felt the need to tell you about my anal fissure Bob."


  1. Okay. That was long. Straining my attention deficit disorder to the limit. Mainly what I got out of it, besides being amused, is I remember I wanted to blog about my puzzlement as to how morbidly obsese people can function with bathroom equipment. Like toilets. Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventures in Finland.

  2. I feel that I'm a better person for having read this.

    Thanks for posting.

    Next libertarian meeting, remind me to tell you about when they removed a hydrocelle from my left testicle.

  3. Whoa. I don't know that I want to hear any more stories about bloggers and their testicles.

    Not that I think I don't remember hearing any others.

    That was purposeful.

    I keep missing the good Libertary meetings. My schedules is not jiving. Must try and make one soon.

  4. You probably have to feed Bob with a lot of fiber. That is how I cured my anal fissure :) Cheers!