Friday, October 3, 2008

Relationship Counseling

The other day I was listening to the radio as I often do on my way to work and they were talking about relationships.  It seems that one of the DJ's was recently divorced after his wife decided she was tired of him.  Somehow he got left with the kids while she ran off and started living the high life.

Anyway, it's a sad situation and they had several people calling in trying to empathize.  One woman called in telling about how she's been burned one too many times.  She gave her boyfriend "everything" and he left her anyway so now she has nothing left to give.  Her heart has been spent.  She was 22.  

The radio show was consoling and strict at the same time.  They told her to get back in the game and not give up and never is a long time and all those nice little cliche's that everyone wants to hear when they are feeling lost and alone.

My take on the situation was, "Never, ever give someone everything.  This makes the eventual damage irreparable."  It's kind of like being on a plane when the flight attendant tells you that during loss of cabin pressure, take care of yourself first and then those around you.  If you don't do that, then you'll die and they'll die too.  If you live, you can help those around you live.

Relationships are the same way.  Take care of yourself first.  If you feel like you are giving someone everything then it will never work.  Imagine the stress you are putting on the other person.  Just be happy and if those around you aren't happy then it's their problem.


  1. Reading between the lines, I'm sorry to learn that you're having problems in your latest marriage. Best of luck working it all out. Next time, maybe, don't go for a trophy wife, find someone at least within a decade of your own age.

  2. I am having no relationship problems. Of course, this weekend I had huge problems that could have relationship implications. I'll have to write another weekend story. It'll be fun.

    I love my trophy wife.