Friday, October 10, 2008

Chimichangas in the Rain

I don't know what the search engines key off of to find this blog. The title is an experiment. Enjoy.

Today, I present to you, with great anticipation and excitement, followed by unadulterated apathy: the rest of my week.

As you may have read, my wife lost her identity. It was traumatic.

On Monday, I wrote a story about my weekend of adversities. Today I tell you of the week following my Monday tale.

Tuesday, my wife called the German Consulate in Houston while I went to an appointment with my lawyer. My lawyer told me that my wife doesn't have to sign for my house. That this is just the lender being overly cautious. He went on to say that I could have a notary that knows my wife notarize her documents for her. Basically, I have nothing to worry about. There are many ways to kill this chicken. So, I sent an email to the title company. I still haven't heard anything.

My wife was told that she could go to Houston Wednesday at 11 and they could make her a "temporary passport". It's a "same day" kind of service. Get there at 11 and leave at 11:30 with a temporary passport.

Oh yeah. I should also mention that my Texas State Representative, Tan Parker, was doing what he could to get my wife a driver's license. Apparently Texas law makers had been busily trying to cut down on the number of illegal immigrants with licenses. It caught us in its cross hairs. I had received a couple of calls and a couple of emails from his office.

Wednesday at 5 AM we were headed to Houston to get a temporary passport. It's a 4 hour drive to Houston without traffic. I firmly believe that there is always traffic in Houston. We arrived at the German Consulate at 10:15. On the way there a Lieutenant from the Texas DPS office called my wife to ask her some questions. We had to fax him some copies of some forms of identification. He said he had been contacted by Parker's office. At 11:30, we left the German Consulate with a temporary passport.

Thursday morning at 7:30 AM we were at the DPS office in Plano to get a temporary driver's license with an "immigrants" restriction on it. I'd like to thank Tan Parker for helping out with this although I don't know if he ever saw it. I only talked to his assistant Trish who was very helpful. Maybe she should be the representative. Everyone vote for Trish in the upcoming election.

For those unable to keep up with the Ramblings, we now have a temporary passport (picture ID) and a temporary driver's license (for driving, but no picture...yet).

We still need something to allow her to go on the cruise and we're still not 100% that we've made the title company happy. They specifically asked for a US Issued Photo ID. We have a German photo ID and a temporary driver's license with no photo. I still haven't heard from them.

On Monday, I sent emails to both my US Senators, my Texas Senator and my Texas representative. My Texas representative was Tan Parker. He and/or his office helped out quite a lot and I appreciate it. It is a government for the people after all. I was contacted by Chris Harris. His office told me that he can't help me because it sounds like an immigration problem. They gave me the numbers to my US Senator's offices. I haven't called yet. I have to get in the right frame of mind for that kind of excitement.

My wife has steadfastly refused to call anyone that doesn't speak German. I was very proud of her for talking to the DPS officers that called her. Of course, they called her which was different. It didn't impact her refusal to call anyone that can't speak German. I'm very proud of her for sticking to her guns. One of them was named Heinz though. Maybe I should ask her about this.

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