Monday, September 6, 2010

So Many Plans, So Little Time

I had so many plans this weekend that I did almost nothing.

It looks as though I'll be in Germany for a month starting next week so this weekend was going to be my "last free weekend". 

Friday night I went to Lee Harvery's in south Dallas.  It's all outdoors. Listened to some good live music (David Bowie cover band) and sipping on a beer.  It was fun.

Saturday morning, my brother and sister-n-law came over and we finished putting my entertainment center together in the living room.  Soon, I'll post before and after pictures so you all can see it.  I'm thinking we can build custom entertainment centers starting at $5k.

Saturday afternoon, the offspring called and wanted to come see me before I leave for Germany so I, of course, said "Certainly!".  Since both my girls are teenagers it's becoming rare that they both want to come hang out with their boring father so I can almost always rework my schedule.

Sunday morning my eldest went to the lake with friends so the youngest one and I walked to IHOPS and had breakfast and had many varied conversations including some on religion.  It was Sunday after all.  She has an interesting view on religion.  She also was a fan of my new quote, "When I go out with someone I want a partner in crime, not a sidekick."  It's a CQ (or Custom Quote).

None of these events were scheduled except for the entertainment center.  Sunday I was planning to go see Pink Martini at the Meyerson, but I didn't make it.  I wasn't feeling well so Weezy and I sat around and watched movies.

Sunday night, RJ (the eldest) returned from her "tubing at the lake" expedition all tired and sun burnt.  She whined about it, but I think she secretly had lots of fun.

I never did have plans for Monday so Monday was again spent mostly watching movies.  I think I feel worse today (Monday) than I did yesterday.  I've been overdosing on cold medicine during the day and Nyquil at night.

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