Monday, August 9, 2010

Following The Meandering Path

Spontaneity and I go together like chocolate and peanut butter.  You can decide which one is which.  Anytime I just "do it", I'm always left with a warm fuzzy.

For example, last Saturday before going to the 1964 Tribute concert the kids and I were walking around Sundance Square in Fort Worth looking for a place to eat.  We wanted something kind of casual and easy going so we ended up skipping by a lot of places that seemed too hip and happening.

I finally stopped at Razzoo's.  On the way in, I asked the guy at the door if there was a wait.  "How many?" he asked.  "Three," I replied.  "About 30 minutes".  That was too long so we bailed and walked across the street.

On the corner of 3rd and Houston I spied a quaint little place called Sammy's Pizza.  As we got in line we were greeted by a friendly guy who gladly helped us place our orders with a clever smile and a cheeriness that subtly snuck out and captured the patronage so that the whole place became cozy.  My youngest offspring ordered "spaghetti with butter" which forced him to yell at the cook in Italian and it cracked me up.  Once again, my spontaneous instincts paid off.

At the show we sat next to an older retired couple and I started chatting with the woman.  She was telling me how her husband saw the Beatles in Germany when they were called The Silver Beatles.  We got to talking about our favorite places to watch live music and she told me about the Meyerson in Dallas.  I've now lived in the DFW area for about 19 years and I've never been to the Meyerson.

This, of course, forced me to look for Meyerson events and I've found one; although the timing is a bit bad.  It's called "An Evening with Pink Martini".  This song made me sentimental and weepy. It made me want to "rest my head upon the grass and listen to it grow".


  1. Dude, Pink Martini is the BOMB live, especially if there's space for dancing. If you have a chance, go. You'll dig 'em....

  2. I am planning to attend the Sunday afternoon show. I looked at the seating chart for the Meyerson and it didn't look like they had much room for dancing... But you never know.

    Of course, I'm kind of leery about buying tickets to anything because I've been told I'll be going to Germany soon. I've heard as early as "the end of August" and as late as "the middle of September". It just causes me to procrastinate a little better.