Monday, August 2, 2010

Fodder Free

Me Being Constructive (rare)
I think I have said before that I try to do this at least once a week no matter how useless the information I present seems to be.  My week is up and I am blog fodder free so you get the honor, nay the privilege, of reading this meaningless meandering monologue aloud.

My new living room furniture came in last Thursday.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  It's quite comfortable and makes my couch potato tendencies much more enjoyable!  At first I thought it may be a little crowded in my living area, but once I removed some unnecessary items and sat down in my little gliding recliner and took a nap I felt better about things.

In my previous fodderless blogging, I mentioned that my Magic Jack quit working.  Well, I was partially wrong.  It was still working, it just seems that the latest software update made my Panasonic phones quit working with it.  Somehow Magic Jack made it where it no longer detects the DTMF from my Panasonic phone.  Somewhere on the Internet someone posted a little article on how to "fix" the phone to make the DTMF "louder", but I chose not to pursue that avenue.

One of my hard drives on my Windows Home Server went nutty last week.  Its SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) flag was triggered.  I downloaded some monitoring software that told me it was in "critical" condition.  Interestingly enough, Seagate has a pretty nice website where you enter your serial number, model number and the error code returned by their freely available diagnostics program (Seatools) and then they'll tell you if it's under warranty and instructions on how to return it.

I haven't signed up for acting classes yet.  I'm trying to arrange for my company to send me to Germany for a month in September so it's probably best I start acting after I get back.

I'm thinking on buying an instruction manual on how to attract and keep women.  It's called Double Your Dates.  If nothing else, it'll give me some interesting experiments to try when I'm out and about.


  1. Hello Gar~! Being constructive is always very attractive. I think.

    You know what, the site, Double Your Date made me laugh. I don't believe you are really going to follow them..??? :) *bisous*

  2. Why Jen! Are you hitting on me? Or are you just saying I'm rarely attractive? :)

  3. Neither of them~! :) *bisous*

  4. That was a good answer. I think :)