Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Saturday Night Shenanigans

I think I mentioned before that sometimes when I plan things they tend to go slightly awry.

Well, this Saturday was no different.  Let me start from the beginning...

Sometime back in the 1990's (95 or 97 or so), I heard a song on the radio.  It was called Shining Sun by a band called Vallejo.  It was one of those songs where I pulled in at the nearest music store to buy the album after I heard the song.


A couple of weeks ago I heard that Vallejo was going to be at a little bar near my house called, "Hat Tricks".  To this day, Vallejo is one of my top five favorite bands.

They were going to be playing with a band I had never heard of before, "Josh Weathers and the True Endeavors".  Silly name.  Good band.  Helluva party band.

The show was amazing.  Incredible.  And I discovered "Hat Tricks".  The owner of the bar came out and greeted us and I told my brother, "I know him from somewhere."

Well, the owner of Hat Tricks is Joe Avezzano.  You can see him being crazy in the video.

Believe it or not, with all my harping on football and its detriment to the education system I used to love watching the Dallas Cowboys.  Way back when Jimmy Johnson was the head coach, I loved watching them play.  I never missed a game.  And that, my friends, is where I recognized Joe from.  Jimmy Johnson hired him as the special teams coach for the super bowl winning Dallas Cowboys and now he owns one heckuva rock'n'roll club in Lewisville.  You guys should drop by and say, "Hi" and listen to some good music while you are there.  The food's pretty good as well.

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