Friday, August 13, 2010

The Error Of My Ways

Not too very long ago as time is measured in this realm we call the blogosphere I posted a small note about a trip I made to a Beatles tribute concert.

Somewhere within the confines of that dull verbiage I mentioned something like, "I have about 900 albums in my music collection, but not a single Beatles album."

To which a dear friend of mine responded, "The fact that you consider yourself a music lover and have not a single Beatles album in your collection is really just... sad."

In order to remedy this sad injustice, I have purchased every single Beatles album.  If you also have suffered through this sadness in the absence of your missing Beatles Collection, you can get yours by clicking on the picture below.  I've heard good things about it.

The Beatles Stereo Box Set


  1. That's funny. When I read that I thought the same thing. Music lover with 900 albums and no Beatles, with them being the greatest, by far, rock 'n roll band ever.

    Have you listened enough now to realize what you'd been missing? There was this thing called Beatlemania. It was part of what made the 60s the 60s.

    Read the Wikipedia Beatles article, it'll get you properly educated on this important subject.

  2. Gar, that just sound desperate. Anyway, hope you like their music. Personally I think the Beatles are a little overrated. Good band, great music; but not the greatest ever.

  3. Wow, well if you're gonna jump in, do it up! That's a helluva set!

    I'm personally not a huge fan of the early Beatles, but you do have to respect their incredible ability to craft a pop hook. Where they really came into their own is from Revolver onwards (well maybe Rubber Soul).

    Glad you're edumacating yourself.

  4. D-man, I wasn't alive in the 60's. Well, only the last 9.5 months of it.

    They have not arrived yet so I have not been able to listen. I have "Across the Universe" on Blu-Ray though. Maybe I'm just a fan of the tributes.

    Ghost with the Most. It's hard to categorize anyone as the greatest ever unless you are speaking in opinions. What do I sound desperate for? Am I desperate for good music? Desperate to be accepted? Or just desperate?

    Hi Ed.

  5. Gar, you went from "I have about 900 albums in my music collection, but not a single Beatles album." to "I have purchased every single Beatles album."
    Man, that's overcompensating.

  6. My middle name is Overcompensation.

    You should see me drive!