Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John Butler Trio

If you haven't been paying attention, last weekend I went to see Vallejo and discovered The Dirty River Boys.

I usually try to keep my concert appearances down to about once a month.  However, I have just discovered that John Butler Trio is going to be at The House of Blues Friday night (11/19).

Should I stay or should I go?


  1. Definitely....GO!

  2. Anonymous!
    You should go too! We could meet early at Dick's Last Resort. It'd be a blast!

  3. Who doesn't love Dick's?!?

  4. Well, since you put it that way.

    It is one of my favorite "f with the wait staff" eateries. And it's directly across the street from the HoB.

  5. Well who could resist such an invitation? A night of Dicks and John Butler Trio!

    I'll check my schedule...

  6. Rarely do anonymous comments have such mirth. I read that and giggled. Then I read it again and started laughing.

    The more I read it, the funnier it becomes.

    Or it could be the Barleywine Beer.

  7. Tis a strange power the brew holds over a man...