Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Procrastination Strikes Again

Just found out today that the Ruthie Foster concert on January 7th has been sold out and I never got around to buying tickets.  I'm sure that 50% of the tickets were sold to people hoping to finally meet the infamous Gar so maybe Ruthie will take pity on my poor poor procrastinating soul and find me a ticket.

So, Ruthie, if you can get me a ticket, click here for submission information.

Okay, that was a sly trick to get people to click on coolness.  I have a friendly relative trying to do some artistic website authoring thing.  If you click on my little picture to the right or here, there are email instructions.  Really.


  1. I feel that I was mislead into exploring a link under the false pretense of it pertaining to pertinent performance information. Hmph.