Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Late Christmas Presents

Today I got home from work and had a DVD of Glee waiting in the mailbox.  I had dinner, watched 2 hours of Glee and was finishing off my second glass of Unfiltered Wheat from the Boulevard Brewing Company when I decided to open a late Christmas present which I just received from my darling little sister.

It was a t-shirt and although Durango disapproves of any shirt with text on it, this one made me smile.  I'll have to wear it on Friday.  It was a quote from my great, great, great, great uncle and it was apropos so I thought I'd share.


  1. You weren't familiar with your great, great, great, great uncle's well known quote? Methinks you need to subscribe to his almanac.

    Durango doesn't object to people wearing t-shirts with stuff printed on it, as long as the wearers are not over about 18 years old. After 18 it starts getting embarrassing. Past 30, really embarrassing. Past 40, that's just sad. Unless the wearer is a certified card carrying nerd, then all is good. And then once you get past 80, all is good again and your great, great, great, great uncle's beer quote will create high hilarity amongst the other seniors.

  2. You need to take a reading comprehension course again Master Dango.

    Nowhere did I mention being unfamiliar with the quote.

    "At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgment."

    And I don't have the will to use good judgment in reigning in my wit (or my t-shirts).

  3. Garbo, you said the text on the shirt made you smile. This indicated to me you were not familiar with that famous quote from your renowned ancestor. If you were familiar with the quote, why would seeing it again make you smile? Had you forgotten it and the reminder printed on a shirt, which really seems some sort of blasphemy to me, of which I really think Benjamin would disapprove, illicited the smiling reaction?

  4. What's that fairly new country song with the refrain " God is great, beer is good, people are crazy "? That makes me smile.

  5. Master D'go. Expressing a smile because you are familiar with a quote for a given situation would be rather awkward. People would always be asking, "What are you smiling at?" And I'd have to say, "I just reminded myself of a quote and it made me smile."

    I smiled because I opened a gift from my sister while I had a beer in hand. And the gift was a t-shirt with a quote about beer and being happy.

    Billy Currington does the song, "People Are Crazy". For a country song it does have smile inducing tendencies :)