Monday, January 24, 2011

Inconsequential Mutterings

If you look at my previous posting.  The one from last week immediately following this one in the blog roll I call Random Ramblings, you’ll see that I listed several topics in my chaotic little mind which I would like to write about.  I’m thinking this won’t cover any of those enticing possibilities.  I’ll let them lie there and fester for now.

A couple of weeks ago I went out with some friends who have moved to the other side of the Metromess.  I used to see them once or twice a week.  There were times when we’d spontaneously decide to attend harmless jazz concerts Tuesday after work and end up at some white trash bar in North Fort Worth doing karaoke until 3 AM.  Planning leads to expectations which leads to disappointment.  Indecisive spontaneity brings forth nothing but surprises.  I’d rather be surprised.  Therefore it’s my plan not to plan.

My friends who moved to Rowlett are predictably unpredictable and they are great because of it.  They came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we went and did Karaoke at Daddy Rabbit’s Market of Trepidatious Surprises.  Fun was had by all.  I coined the phrase, “confidence implies inferred consent”.  I coined it when I was watching this drunk bozo making his moves on women up and down the bar.  Think about it.  I’ll wait here.

Last Thursday I went to the Rockin’ Rodeo to see a concert.  Now, for me to set foot into a place called “Rockin Rodeo” is slightly less disconcerting than me walking into a Catholic Church for Sunday Mass.  Being that it’s in Denton there were lots of college women.  The eye candy was nice.  I went with Lisa and she helps out with that.  I think I’ve mentioned Lisa before.  You’ll have to look it up.  There’s a search box in the top left corner that searches through all my wonderfully chaotic cacophonic creativities.  You’ll never know who you might meet.

Last weekend I had a new friend drive in and visit from Vernon.  I say she’s a new friend, but I’ve known her now for a few months.  I guess when you get to be old and decrepit someone you’ve known for 2 years is a new friend.  If you don’t know where Vernon is, look it up.  You’ll have to use   

Anyway, we went to The Holy Grail Pub in Plano to have dinner, have some drinks and wait for Lisa.  We had some good dialoging including my new debate topic that I learned from The Russ Martin Show.  Last week he said that the only thing Americans excel at is complaining.  Quit complaining and start solving.  Complaining is not a solution.  I think he was talking about the people complaining about the fence that they’re building between us and Mexico.  I solved that one already.   image

The Holy Grail is a cool place.  I recommend getting there early and getting a seat at the bar.  There’s always at least one beer nerd behind the bar and if you pretend to know how to spell Hefeweizen, they’ll be sure and chat with you for, up until now, unknown lengths.  I had a Franconia Hefeweizen and then we split a bottle of Infinium which is what you’d get if you, for some reason, decided to mix a bottle of champagne with a hoppy pilsner (or something like that).  I’m not sure I liked it, but the bottle was really cool.  The bar maids are also a special brand of eye candy if that’s your kind of thing.

I think at one point I may have even mentioned how much I thought Durango might appreciate the ambiance.  There were more erudite Texans in my company than he could shake a stick at.  There may have been some Idaho blood in there somewhere.  I’m thinking for Durango’s next Blogworthy Epiphany of Madness he and I should tour all the breweries in a 100 mile radius and do live blogging onsite.  All those in favor?  Drunken Belligerent Brewery Blogging for the win!

Saturday night, we all went to The Granada Theater in Dallas in Lower Greenville.  Cool place and a nice area.  Parking was $8 directly behind the theater.  We saw Jason Eady.  His band wasn’t available so he did a solo acoustic set.  I was quite appreciative of his lyrics and his songwriting.  He said his birthday was coming up at midnight which would make him born on January 23.  My best friend was born on January 23.  It also makes him an Aquarius.  Yay Aquarians!  My friend from Vernon (we’ll call her Jen), Lisa and I are all Aquarians.  It was an Aquarian night, but I’m not allowed to talk about that without fear of reprimand from D’ango the Leo.

The headliner at the Granada was James McMurtry.  Jen had convinced me that I needed to see James.  He’s not an Aquarian, but he puts on a pretty good show I must admit.  He’s kind of Bob Dylan meets John Mellencamp?  His song called “Choctaw Bingo” reminds me of a Beatles song.  It’s not this one.  You’ll have to look it up.  I’ll give kudos to the victor.

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  1. There are breweries within a 100 mile radius of this forsaken zone? I don't know how to be belligerent. You'll need to teach me.