Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Thursday I Cruise

I’ll be going out to cruise the Bahamas on Thursday.  I need to get away from this wacky weather we are having in North Texas.  The Bahamas should be a most pleasant respite.
Tomorrow (that’d be Wednesday), we are supposed to be getting hit by another arctic blast (new codename for “the suck”).  My driveway finally thawed from last week’s 4 days of the suck.  I received a nice little email today with a graph of my cold weather happy dance. 
Actually, it’s not all that accurate.  I’m never as happy as the first picture.  Well, except when I finally get on the cruise ship.

I don’t know where the original came from, but it’s quite clever.  It made me giggle.  Just because I remember sitting at my house last Thursday thinking, “What’s all that noise?  Is the snow caving in my roof?”  I also called a colleague of mine on Wednesday asking if he’d pick me up for work because I couldn’t get out of my driveway.  I don’t remember Friday.
I keep getting these offers (okay, only two), where some strange person will send me an email wanting to ask me a question about a particular post.  I respond back saying, “Ask away!”.  Then they come back with something like, “Yeah, if you’ll modify the paragraph that reads…, and add this line…, with a link to this site…, we’ll give you $10.  Are you interested?  Looking forward to hearing from you!”  I doubt it’s because my blog has suddenly become so popular because it hasn’t.  It must be some sort of new scam.  If one of my previous posts suddenly becomes modified with some random unGarlike verbiage with a strange link, you’ll know I be experimenting with the scammers.

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