Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sheep Go To Heaven

I was once asked, in verbiage almost completely not like this, "Do you think the Libertarian Party will ever make it as one of the major parties in the USA?  Explain your reasoning."

My mind doesn't work like normal people.  I said, "No, because of religion."  We have too many zealots in the good old USA.  Okay, here's the original answer (yes, I was a guest blogger once).

In my continuing random thought patterns, I heard this song today (not for the first time).  But, for some reason today I listened a bit more.  It is a catchy tune.  It occurred to me that this song kind of explains what I was trying to say back on my political rant.  I've since calmed down my political meanderings.

Although I still plan to run for President one day.  I'm hoping to run on the Sarah ticket.  Then, once her 8 years are up, I'll take over.

Oh wait, back to my post.  Here's a song by Cake explaining why the Libertarian party will never make it in the good old USA.  You can fast forward to the last 30 seconds once you get bored.  I'll admit it's a stretch, but if you are creatively random enough, you might just make it.

And I was joking about the President thing.  There's no way Sarah will last 8 years.

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