Friday, February 4, 2011

Stir Crazy

My last blogging was on Monday and involved the purchase of a used vehicle for my daughter.

I haven’t blogged since then for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m lazy and uninspired.
  2. It’s freaking cold and everyone and their Durango is talking about it.

imageI haven’t been to work since Monday.  I have everything conveniently setup to work from home.  Ironically, or perhaps coincidentally, or maybe both, the President of the division I work for said a couple of weeks ago that he could not allow anyone to work from home.  “We’re such a small group that we need everyone here.”  It makes sense what he said, but it’s also rather funny.  If I wasn’t setup for working from home, I’d be getting lots of TV watching done instead.  I’m sure he’s more happy that I’m making progress.  I don’t drive in this crap.

However, I don’t particularly like working from home in these circumstances.  This will be the fourth day of being stuck at the house.  Had I know we were going to get half a foot of snow today, I would have skated to the store yesterday.  I’m down to my last box of noodles.  I’m going to suggest everyone in the D/FW Metromess go out and start up their vehicles and let them idle.  Hopefully we can produce some of that global warming that Al Gore promised us.  The meathead.

I’ve lived in Texas for over 40 years and I can’t remember it ever being this bad for this long.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to get above freezing.  Then, on Monday they are predicting another “wintry mix”.  If we all start our engines now, perhaps we can stave off next week’s nasty forecast.

I’ve also decided that God must have no love for Jerry Jones, the tyrannical madman in charge of building that great big ugly eyesore in the middle of Arlington when there is plenty of wide open beautiful farmland within 20 miles.  The mean spirited part of me was kind of hoping the ultra cold prolonged temperatures would play hell with some part of the construction of the stadium that the engineers didn’t plan for.  That would have been cool.

All the poor businesses in the Metromess who were looking forward to all the tourists coming down here and spending money are instead closed down.  That’s got to hurt.  All of Jerry’s boastful record breaking talk may not go to total waste.  It’ll probably be the least amount of money a city has earned from the Super Bowl in like 50 years.

Maybe I should open up a driving service.  Charge people like $1000 bucks to drive them from their hotel in Arlington to Sundance Square in Fort Worth.  If I could find an open store I could probably get some chains for my tires.  Do cabs operate in this mess or do you have people stuck in their hotel rooms?  Room service probably sucks as well. 

I’m done now.  I should probably get started on some work (that I’m not supposed to do from home).

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